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01-06-2002, 10:32 AM
Thanks to EA for this Trent Reznor interview on Macworld. He says he'll be doing the music for Doom 3. For those 'old school' enough you'll remember that Trent did the score to Quake as well.

Q: After providing the music for Quake, are you scoring any more games?

Reznor: I've been discussing things with Id Software for Doom III. It's not formalized at this point, but it's something I really want to do. When I did Quake, we were still questioning if the audio was going to be streamed off of CD, which if it wasn't was incredibly limiting. But with as interactive as things are now, and as immersive as the engine they've been working on is graphically, and some of the program is so moody; it's like scoring a film. Yet it's much more intense than a film because it doesn't always go the same way, it has to be interactive. Plus the mood of the game is so dark and evil, it's interesting to me.

Reznor interview:

Check Out DOOM 3:


01-06-2002, 12:42 PM
Seks! :eek: Yuo rule doom!

Dog Of War
01-06-2002, 12:43 PM
it will still be better on computer, but for those of you who have an xbox and not a computer this is your moment of glory....

01-06-2002, 03:18 PM
Yay, Halo + RTCW + Doom3 + Morrowind + GTA3 = Best Gaming System ever created.