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02-04-2004, 06:11 PM
who else is hyped up for the release of Otogi 2 in the US??? i dont know when it is going to be released, but hopefully soon. my friend just got otogi and ive been wanting it for a while, so i'm getting it probably this weekend....


here's a URL for the old one, in case you haven't heard of it: http://www.gamespy.com/reviews/september03/otogixbox/

02-04-2004, 09:21 PM
Hmm...i wish it's just hit in the coming months.

02-07-2004, 09:07 PM
Originally posted by Shadow-XBA
Hmm...i wish it's just hit in the coming months.

i dont know, it said it would be released in spring, but ive heard almost nothing about it and it seems like every game this year has had a release date set back....

02-07-2004, 09:24 PM
You know, I've noticed the tendency for Xbox games to be delayed. Which makes me think two things:

A) Microsoft is a butt-rammer of a publisher to work for, and games must be - in their minds - stellar to be released. (*Unlikely. But a good thing if practiced.*)

B) They never really ever had the ball rolling, but instead chucked the thing madly down the electronic avenue, and have been doing the 'bowler's dance' ever since, looking for a strike. (*Almost evident. But, again, daring. And so far, not too shabby a job.*)

So, I say bite it and wait. Wait for Fable, wait for BC, wait for the gigantic beast that is Halo 2. In a year, Xboxers everywhere will have a stupid, satisfied look on their face. And Otogi 2 will be one of the games to do it, if it's anything like the first.


02-12-2004, 07:31 PM
Otogi 2 in Spring....along with Fable and BC ?? Great...

xbox genius
02-16-2004, 12:32 AM
well otogi 2 is gonna be single player and otogi didnt last long ... so i dont think i will be picking up otogi 2 if it doesnt have 20 hours of gaming single player, but if it has multiplayer than i cont really care how much hours it takes to beat the game. i'll just borrow it from a friend of mine, i know hes going to get it for sure

02-27-2004, 01:17 PM
Okay not gunna lie, Otogi 2 is awesome. I for one was waiting outside the store the day it came out.
It has 27 Levels, and great reply value. You have 5 characters to choose from when playing, and it's also not linear anymore. You have to play all the levels, but becuase it is broken into sections, you don't have to play all of them in a certain order (but you do have to play all the levels in one group to move onto the next group)
No, their is no xbl support, it'd be cool if their was though, as long as they can find a neat way to do it. I imagine you could team up with someone online to cleans an area, or have maybe 8 player versus games, that would be cool...

The graphics are awesome. And that's about all their is to that. THe sound, great. The japanese voice acting is schweet, better then the first even, and the first was good.

And speaking of the first.. I bought the 1st one (japanese right away and it was an awesome game) and when i bought the second one, it came with the american version of the first one too. The english voice acting was terrible.. i know some people think it was good, i think it sounded dumb. but anyways. i heard that they made the graphics better or something for the us release, but i can't tell a difference, does anyone knwo where they changed it???