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01-07-2002, 03:10 PM
I need help plz if anyone can offer it up. I am looking for details on how you did it as a SINGLE person. I am on Truth and Reconciliation : Into The Belly Of The Beast. Once I board the ship I can't get out of the first room. So far my strat is this ( I have Sniper Rifle and Machine Gun ) As soon as the first invisible Elite/sword comes out I pop him with the Sniper Rifle. Than I work on attacking all the rest of the convenant. When the next 2 invisible Elite join the chaos and start killing my marines I quickly grab the Camo and pistol whip those 2 Elite/swords while they destroy my marines grab the health pack and head up the tunnel that has 2 exits and a door in the middle becuase by than all the marines are dead and there about 20 convenant mostly shield guys and 3 more Elite/swords join the party. Now its only a matter of time before I die. I have around 6 rounds for the sniper left but its kinda useless since Elite now take 2 quick Shots and they always dodge the second shot. I hit in run constantly so I can recharge but eventually they start coming up after you and there are just way to many guys to kill.

Anyone able to help me ? Thanks in advance.

01-07-2002, 06:54 PM
*yup i know how. ive beaten halo on legendary up to the 3rd last level so far:) well anyway a good stratagie is to take cover for a sec, after u kill the first 2 elites. then take cover for a sec then they should be in groups *usually:rolleyes: * then u huck a grenade or two to weaken if not kill em, then pump sum machine gun ammop into the rest of the little dweebz:D :D :) ur welcome