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02-07-2004, 12:51 AM
Does anyone know where i can get a file that has the lines that the grunts, elites and marines say during the game? it would be great to be able to use those in a theme for windows or as tones in xbconnect. i know that there are some listed on the bungie site, however those are ones that don't come up often in the campaign. they require specific intances to occur that don't happen very often.
thanks ahead of time for anyone who has these or knows where to get them.

E Nomini Patri
02-07-2004, 11:33 AM
Enjoy! (http://halo.bungie.org/misc/dialogue.html)


02-07-2004, 11:49 AM
Originally posted by Zero Flaw
Enjoy! (http://halo.bungie.org/misc/dialogue.html)



thats cool, the best voice is the grunts, theyre funny too