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Sammy's secret project: A seriously ambitius first person game. Also because it is highly ambitious and considered to may be be a launch title for the xbox 2 due to it's early development,chances are it may be on tech level graphics wise with the big boys(Rid****,Half-life 2,Halo 2 and Doom 3. If it is released for this generation of consoles it would be xbox exclusive. I'd say Sammy is finally seeing things right after countless support of the ps2 with weak sales they have decided to try on the xbox perhaps they would be more successfull. And now they are bringing us (1)Guilty gear (2) Iron strike along with Darkwatch Sammy being on SEGA just might be a good thing after all.
Source: Rumour mole from this month's OXM.

IRON CONSTRUCT(The Great Steam War): New Gam from first time developer Iup studios
Genre Action adventure xbox exclusive, Sid to have gameplay similar to Zelda
Source:OXM this month's(under the radar section)

KOTOR 2:Unconfirmed reports appearing late last year on the existence of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 now appear, not really surprisingly, on the money.
Recent follow-up word on the sequel to BioWare's original RPG smash are stating that certain US print publications will carry first information on the second game in issues due out next month.

Although nothing new has been mentioned about content, it's been confirmed that, as previously suggested, Obsidian Entertainment rather than BioWare will handle development of KOTOR 2.

Obsidian Entertainment announced last year that it was to collaborate with BioWare on future console and PC videogames.

As for details, all we have to go on are the original rumours about KOTOR 2 from 2003 - that the sequel will be set some considerable time after the events portrayed in the first game with an entirely new cast of characters
Source: CVG

GRANDIA 3 RUMORS: According to the Magic box EGM has reported that GameArts is working on a new sequel to Grandia. There has been a lot of rumour of GameArts actualling defecting to the xbox also a rumour was reported of a five year deal with Ms for exclusive rpgs and OXM's mole also noted thesame rumour of Grandia and lunar games headed to the xbox.This rumour was fueled when GameArt announced a Mech game for the xbox. Rpg fan mentioned 2 years ago of Enix calling forth GameArts on their latest project but with the Merger Enix has been greatly more intereted in Square rpgs leaving Game Art forgotten
so it should be no surprise to see this sequel exclusive to the xbox. In any case these sequel will be exclusive to whichever console is chosen.The last Grandia games were a flop on the ps2 and failed to push or achieve new levels in graphics and gameplay but with the xbox all this exists E3 will definitely be an eye opener.

Also rumour has it that Ms Japan is developing an xbox exclusive rpg whether this rpg is actually that being developed by Artoon or some other internal developer is unknown but indications point to an internal team and not Artoon also as Phantom Dust is edging closer to completion it only seems logical to assume the developer would be working on something else and with his expertise on Panzer Dragoon clearly in need also Ms has been gathering an rpg cast for a while this Phantom dust developer,the FF7-9 developer responsible for Magatama and the former VC of Square seem to form a strong rpg influence for xbox.

Alo Bioware confirmed they had 2 other games in development in an interview with OXM

There was also a rumour of Hideo Kojima working with the developers of DMC(Devil may cry) in an original new title with an unconfirmed console.Here is hoping it's going to be for Ms with Sony's strict new laws and the ps2 at it's limit, only time will tell or E3 hopefully.

And to top it up this upcoming E3 should finally bring a revelation to Itagaki' DOA:Code Kronos and the other upcoming games also a better Japanese support

New Announced games
unreal championship 2
Mechassault 2

If you have any rumour or new games to add please feel free to share, make it more exciting.

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Hey everyone I heard that a company known as Bungie is coming out with Halo 2. Sounds cool huh!!!:cheers:

I don't know anything else to say:cry:

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Originally posted by a person who doesn't know what to say.
I don't know anything else to say:cry:

*points and laughs* good times.