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04-06-2004, 08:06 PM
After a tragic event that nearly ends their species, few among the Elves can recall a time, long ago, when they once prospered and knew greatness...

Hunted relentlessly on the surface of Lareleth by their mortal enemies - the vicious Gnolls – the once-united Elven people have fled to the corners of the world to seek haven - but there is none to be found...

In Twilight of Lareleth, players are thrust into a game world with a backstory so rich and immense, that the game’s principal story arc draws them ever deeper into a world teaming with life and history!

The game features:
An epic storyline spanning seven Chapters, taking player(s) across the vast and varied expanses of Lareleth, through 40+ levels of exciting gameplay!

Detailed environments and characters, with per-pixel lighting and fully dynamic shadows!

Four playable Elven characters, each with the ability to class-change throughout the game to one of 9 different playable classes, to mix and match abilities for

nearly limitless player customization!

Players can master up to three types of Elven Magic (each with independent Mana levels), customize their character’s statistics, and gain access to over 100 different
Skills and Spells!

Over 60 hours of intense, action-packed gameplay plus a balanced mix of action-oriented problem-solving. The result: much more dire and focused combat situations, and less emphasis on repetitive hack-and-slash gameplay!

Up to 4 players can play through the game in co-operative mode, enjoying a new technology: FreeWander dynamic splitscreen, allowing players to travel perilously on their own, or together in force!

Accurate physics system, yielding procedural cloth and character appendages, ragdoll deaths and breakable environments!

Goal-based, level-aware AI provides a totally fresh approach to action/RPGs, allowing NPC monsters and allies to independently defend, invade, protect, re-group, steal and carry out other objectives. This makes complex gameplay scenarios possible, instead of the traditional "hack your way from beginning to end"!

Support for Microsoft XboxLive(TM), including up to 4 player co-operative mode gaming, positional game-relative voice feeds, speech commands to AI allies, and Content Download expansion packs which offer new spells and items!


You can view concept art, renders, or read more about Twilight of Lareleth by visiting SpinningReality.com (http://www.spinningreality.com/projects/index.html)

The online co-op sounds interesting.