View Full Version : Black9 in holding pattern

04-08-2004, 03:46 PM
In February 2003, Majesco announced it would publish Black9 for the PC and Xbox. Developed by Starfleet Command creator Taldren, the third-person sci-fi shooter was set in the year 2080, when a group of nine Illuminati cartels control the planet.

At the time, Black9 was scheduled for a Q4 2003 release. However, news surfaced recently that cast doubt on whether the game will be published at all. Just over a week ago, a locked "Announcement" post appeared on the Taldren forums which said the following: "We know that you have been anxiously awaiting news on Black 9. We are sorry for the delay. Taldren's development of Black 9 is on hold for the moment." No reason was given for the delay, and no new posts have been made on the Taldren forums since the announcement went up.

However, a representative for Majesco later confirmed to GameSpot Black9 is in limbo. "The forum is correct--the development of Black 9 is currently on hold and its release date is TBD," said the rep.


Bad news for anyone who was waiting for this game :cuss: