View Full Version : Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

04-09-2004, 11:15 AM
Headfirst's game jumps, well, headfirst into the franchise and embraces the spirit of the original short stories, borrowing bits of plot and adhering quite closely to the overall style. To begin with, the game begins at the end, letting you see just what happens to the main character. The character you play, Jack Walters, is currently committed to an insane asylum. And this isn't the sterile rehab center where your high school buddies went to detox; no, sir, this is the 1920s electro-shock, leather strap kind of asylum.

Your character's mental degradation is a key part of the experience and, like the more traditional game elements, is communicated to the player through sound and video cues. As the player enters scary areas or confronts certain enemies, you'll hear your heartbeat increase. If things get particularly frightening, your vision will blur (kind of like the tear gas effect in Rainbow Six). You'll even see this blur effect to simulate vertigo when your character looks down from a great height.

Right now the game is scheduled to be out in the latter half of September. Interestingly, the team hopes to have the game finished by the time E3 rolls around about a month from now. The intervening four months will be spent polishing and balancing the game to ensure it's as solid and refined as it can possibly be.


Click the link to read alot more, doesn't sound that bad to me but with all the other games coming out most likly a rental and if its good enough buy it later thing.