View Full Version : Hardcore XBox games & Project K X ?

01-20-2002, 06:30 PM
Hi all

I'm in the UK and have reserved an xbox for
release day. I've said to myself that I'll
only buy hardcore excellent games. If I wanted "just" v.good games I'd buy a ps2.
Even the port overs to xbox of Silent Hill 2, GTA3 etc faster loading, extra screens and little shaper gfx doesn't warrant a purchase of a ps2 port to xbox! But since the xbox is out and there are loads of games to choose from it I'm going for the Xbox and xbox games which use the hardware to the max.

My obvious two are : Halo & DOA3.
Halo for being so excellent in everyway and and DOA3 for being the ultimate fighting game in terms sound\gfx\platability. I know it wont be long lasting, but i'm very sure when playing against friends it will last for AGES, at least until the next major fighting games comes out, as I'm a fan of the Street Fighter 2 series and miss doing fireballs, blanka's electric shock etc.
A fighting games along those lines would be great. So the above two games are definite.

I'd be intested to know from you folks
what game you would consider to be EXCELLENT.
I consider games like Bloodwake, Startfighter on xbox to be quite

I downloaded a few movies today one was called : project KX
I'm really impresed with the way the trailer looks but does anyone know what the actual game looks like? I don't judge games by the trailer and the movie like sequences, as they're always good. It's the main game i concentrate on.

The other games I'm looking forward to are :

-Genma Onimusha
-Hunter The Reckoning
-Murakumo (cool movie but what abt the game?)
-Soul caliber
-Mortal Kombat