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06-23-2004, 06:26 PM
Seeking a few more answers than what was available in Microsoft's brief statement, the heads of Microsoft's officially registered ring of Japanese Xbox fansites (including expatriate Xbox Nation contributor Ryan Payton, who sent today's update by) compiled and submitted a list of seven questions about the title's progress and cancellation.

Surprisingly enough, Microsoft was willing to answer them -- not in the most detailed of terms, of course, but short answers are better than no answers at all. Particularly interesting is Microsoft's mention of another Japanese-developed RPG in the works, or at least the existence of efforts in that direction.

Here, then, is Microsoft's expanded response regarding the cancellation of True Fantasy Live Online.

Xbox Fansite Owners:

Last week, Official Xbox Fansite owner "Atsui" submitted questions regarding the cancellation of True Fantasy Live Online on behalf of all Xbox fansite owners in Japan. These questions were voluntarily compiled by fansite owners and are now being sent back to their Official Xbox Fansite Owner mailing list.

We recognize that Xbox owners were greatly anticipating the release of True Fantasy Live Online and were of great support to us. We have gathered a variety of staff members to answer your questions as best as we could.

Here are the answers we can provide:

Q: How far along in development was TFLO?

A: The virtual world of True Fantasy Live Online was relatively complete. It was a living, breathing virtual world by the time we concluded development.

The development of True Fantasy Live Online was a long, three-year endeavor for Microsoft. We were working very hard to get the game to our customers as soon as possible. However, when we were preparing the beta test program, we ran into problems in our efforts to build a stable online experience and were forced to make the regrettable decision to cancel development. Believe us when we say that it was a bitter decision to make considering the support you all gave us. We also housed deep love and attachment to the game.

Q: What was the most prudent reason for canceling the development of TFLO?

A: Many online games suffer long delays in order to work out all problems of developing such a game. With that said, we became very concerned at just how long it would take to finally wrap up development. Things became very indefinite and worrying and we thought of delaying the game yet again, but we took the difficult step in ending development of the game.

Q: Can you say for certain that TFLO development is dead? Is there any chance in the future that development will continue again?

A: Development of the game ended when we announcement its cancellation. However, there is ongoing debate and discussion within our company, but we cannot tell the public anymore than that.

Q: Clearly you were having trouble developing this game, yet you continued with a full-fledged beta test application process. Why is that?

Read more here. (http://www.1up.com/article2/0,2053,1616387,00.asp)

06-23-2004, 06:27 PM
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