View Full Version : tips for gettin past level 2 !

01-20-2002, 08:49 PM
at the begining where your ship crashed, go the left
and over that little pipe thing and keep on goin and you should find a buncha 'rines ,keep them real safe (at least 2 ) and wen you get a wartie try to get that black sarge in the gunnr side and the mexican grunt in the passenger (they are the funnyest) well go down (dont risk a jump if your a newb cuz you might end up crushin your buddies ) you should go through a wierd tunnel
in that tunnel with a big ole hole and a buncha covies around it go to the right and there should be a staircase and a control thingy and it makes a purdy blue bridge well drive over it and search for bliinkin blue lights and rescue the rines
abondon your wartie and jump into the ecko

well if your stuck becuz your gettin killed,thats just plain sad on easy ,but heres some hints
dont shoot at the banshees just let'em be:)
dont use the AR
dont use the needler
throw nades at the dropships when they land
go for head shots:confused:
run over them covies with the warthawg
have 2 passengers
uhm dont run over your own guys
and thats about all

01-23-2002, 11:11 AM
Lay off the crack man....