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01-21-2002, 07:01 PM
My birthday is right around the corner...so I decided to go shopping for my self. I went to electronicbotique.com to see if they had some good surround sound systems. I clicked the x-box section then went to accesories. and whalla and complete 5.1 surround sound system for $150...too good to be true? and if so what do you guys reccomend? by the way Im on a VERY tight budget...after all im only 14.

01-21-2002, 09:54 PM
I use an Aiwa :cool: Surround Sound System hooked up to my Xbox. I think it was $200 or so. Its 5.1, it slices, dices, and even plays CDs and tapes. It depends on where you are going to play your Xbox (in your room, or your living room) I'd shell out the most for the living room, but look for a cheapy for your room.

just my .00002 cents worth.

01-21-2002, 10:19 PM
took me a minute but my sound system is pretty crazy :) i got a used sub woofer from a friend for 100, a reciever for 200, and all my speakers for about 400...my system bumps :) if i were u i would just buy a piece at a time, a good reciever, some good front speakers, a good middle speaker, to nice rear ones and a sub :)

01-22-2002, 03:31 AM
Well Creative Labs makes a nice $100 Dolby Digital 5.1 surround kit. It'd be perfect for your bedroom. I gave my Creative Labs FPS 1800 four point surround speakers w/ subwoofer to a friend so he could have some surround for his DVD player. He hasa a DVD player with a built in channel decoder with 6 outputs. Hehe we made a cut and paste Dolby Digital surround system by going to radio shack and picking up 3 headphone to RCA converter cables. Then we hooked the FPS 1800 speakers to his receiver for the rear and front speakers, then we took the right speaker from his computer which was a 15 watt powered yamaha speaker and connected that to the center channel output. Bingo bango we had 5.1 surround. It actually sounded good and the Creative subwoofer didn't crackle at all on the really low rumbles so I know the Creative DD 5.1 set would sound great as well for either games or movies.

XBA Staff
01-22-2002, 06:39 AM
I wish I had a surround sound system.

Well yall it's 7:39am here so it's time for me to head to the bus stop.

l Maximus l
01-22-2002, 11:51 AM
I am looking for a decent one, too...but, it will probably be for my living room. I was going to purchase one of those Bose systems...but, they are a little pricey for what I am willing to pay. I know that some of you hardcore audio fanatics will say that Bose isn't "all that and a bag of chips", but you have to admit, it does sound pretty nice considering how small the speakers are.

But, I think I'm going to be a little more thrifty, otherwise, I have no hopes for a Surround Sound system because my wife is limiting me on a price range. So, I found a pretty respectible one on sale for $299.99...it's a Phillips 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound system. For a little more, I can get DTS...I might go that route.

01-22-2002, 04:13 PM
hey i have a followup question: Is it worth it? I mean well I really, really, REALLY notice a 300 dollar sound system....cause if i cough up the cash (which i dont have alot of...im 14 years old) I want to really notice the difference!

01-22-2002, 04:35 PM
Receiver (http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11057809&m=1&cat=3&scat=4)
Speakers (http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11057809&m=1&cat=3&scat=4)
Cables (http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=11087264&m=1&cat=783&scat=803)
Just my silly setup...speakers come with mounting hardware so its pretty cool...cheapish and it does the job..

01-22-2002, 04:59 PM
Bose = Blaah.:( Hey Frostberg that receiver is exactly the one I had wanted a while back. Is it any good??

I've got a Technics 5.1 reciever right now which is OK but Technics customer support is lame. My 2 front speakers are 200 watts a piece with 12" woofers, my center channel is a Cerwin Vega 150 watt speaker, my rears are 100 watt a piece Jensens and my subwoofer is a 120 watt powered Optimus. U can really feel that Covenant drop ship coming down in Halo.

l Maximus l
01-22-2002, 05:35 PM
Originally posted by GokuX
Bose = Blaah.:(

LOL, GokuX...for some reason I knew your were going to be the first to reply to my Bose comment...lol

01-22-2002, 05:44 PM
6.1 vs 5.1 whats up ?is it worth it?

ive already got kick ass speakers just need to upgrade my receiver,, can do it this month havent gotten a new game since xmas

01-22-2002, 06:03 PM
The receiver...I love it...for $100 more I could of got onscreen display setup and stuff for it, but I dont mind the LCD screen and for all the features and such its a bargain. It isint really top of the line, but my speakers arent that great either...but they more than serve the purpose...Even prologic is great when watching a football game because the croud noise behind you makes you feel like you are really there...of course dolby digital games are all amazingly good...cant wait for some DTS games tho...but maybe I need some better speakers to notice much of a difference...Virtual Matrix 6.1 is pretty nice also...

01-22-2002, 07:13 PM
I'm not saying 6.1 isn't worth it but hardly any DVDs are encoded to take advantage of it. XBOX games won't support it. Yes, you can matrix the sound and still get something to come out of the extra speaker but it isn't true 6.1.

If I was buying a receiver today 6.1 wouldn't be my primary consideration. I would start looking for one that supports six channel analog input (for DVD audio). All the rest of the features you need would likely be included on such a receiver.

01-22-2002, 07:25 PM

01-22-2002, 08:34 PM
okay thx guys ,,:D i think im ready for my next purchase!!


01-22-2002, 08:39 PM
but if you do have those kick ass speakers, you might as well save even more to get an even better receiver...so then you wouldnt have to upgrade again for a long while...

01-22-2002, 08:40 PM
Originally posted by Tyrell-XBA
I wish I had a surround sound system.

Well yall it's 7:39am here so it's time for me to head to the bus stop.



i gotta be at the bus stop at 6:40 !!!!!!!!!

01-22-2002, 08:58 PM
my thinking is the room im going to set up in isnt that large ,,,:mad: 500 watts should be plentyyyyyy right now i am lacking a subwoofer

i have cerwin vega speakers now and god they are HEAVY !! moved a few times with em

i'll go test em out best buy see what they sound like in person

01-22-2002, 09:49 PM
okay, everyone is talking about computer speakers, how are you guys hooking these up to your box, or am i just that retarded?

01-22-2002, 10:08 PM
We are?? Computer speakers... if they are have an optical digital connection you can hook em up, or if its digital coax you can buy a converter for $25 or so

01-22-2002, 10:10 PM
I've heard that optical is the way to go. a friend told me that the difference is supposed to be pretty big.:p

01-22-2002, 10:16 PM
Yeah, considering its basically the only way to go...and converter boxes just are annoying and you cant help but feel you lose quality

01-22-2002, 10:37 PM
well some of them were computer speakers