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07-05-2004, 06:30 PM
I love this game, this is the most played game this year by me and i have pretty much all the hot games. Anyways i see some issues that must be addressed for next years version. Most of these are not gameplay related, just the minor things(bells and whistles).
1. First and foremost, better sound. The fans barely sound like theyre into it. Fans requesting curtain calls. Fans getting more excited( clapping or whateva) during the last out of the game, and during ralleys. Especially during homers.
2. The homerun trot must be sped up. It doesnt take 30-45 seconds to round the bases, make it like 15 sec.
3. Batting and fielding parctice is a must. I hate to be in game and learning to dive for a grounder.
4. More strike out animations, and please change the "almost get by the pitch" animation, after three years of the same animations, its beginning to look robotic.
5. I would love for the cpu to automatically verticall jump for the ball if theres a line drive over a fielders head. let their talent decide whether the ball is caught or muffed. My reaction is never fast enough to try to jump to catch the ball, so i always try to run back to where the ball will land, which wont work.
6. Tweak the pitching location, or shall i say accuracy, it was a bit off. I had many pitches that i aimed outside the strike zone, and it still sailed across the plate. BUT dont make every pitcher like maddux. please dont!!
7. This should be number 2. The bunting engine.. Redo over!! I dont even try to bunt any more, i have a better chance to swing away.
8. Player collisions, with fielding, running into the walls and so forths, and also let it affect injuries.
9. Let the hit by pitchs affect injuries also, also the pitcher being hit by a line drive be able to get injured also.
10. As i read earlier, cut scenes(a la espn football) of the fans, vendors, fans trying to catch pop fouls and home runs, players in the dug outs, managers making the calls, and managers going to the mound.
11. During the 7th inning stretch show the fans, (a la espn football).
12. Check swings to be judged by the umps.
13. During strike outs, zoom at times out to show the ump punching out the batter. That is one of the cooler parts of baseball.
14. Give us a better angle to rob the homeruns. Its more of a guessing game of when to jump at the ball.
15. Wild throws into the seats, dug outs, out field(it does happen in the big leagues). Like when someone makes an overaggressive throw, or who has an accuracy rating thats low and are throwing off balanced. Not just a throw that just pull the first baseman off base.

07-05-2004, 07:08 PM
Nearly all of your problems with ESPN are all how you would like them to be in ASB 2005, you should check it out.

07-05-2004, 08:17 PM
uh, jarret, im sorry, but as i said before, these are minor gripes. The gameplay is solid, and as realistic as possible. I had all star baseball, back in the n64 days, i loved it back then, but espn is the best baseball game today. I know its just a matter of opinion, but this is mine. These are mearly presentation problems and add-ons to me. I just want to see this game get better.

07-07-2004, 05:34 PM
i agree with you charlie...great game and those little touches would help alot!

my biggest complaint with the game is the sound and the animations...sega is getting a little like the madden series where its the same animations over and over, also, the commentary is pretty lame