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severd hed
07-12-2004, 10:23 AM
hey guys, last week, i picked up a Logitech cordless precision xbox controller (the newer, smaller one) and i love it. i got sick of waiting for MS to make one..so i ended up going with the logitech, since it seemed to be nicer than the mad catz and pelican offerings.

the controller feels pretty good. it doesnt feel cheap like typical 3rd party stuff. the buttons have a nice feel to them, and the size and shape is comfortable. the triggers dont travel as far as the official MS triggers..but they still feel pretty good. also, the analog sticks are a little easier to move...(not quite as much tension) so they take a little bit to adjust to, but overall, i am very pleased with it.

my question is this: if i were to buy a second one..will they both work at the same time? i havent seen a switch to change between different channels, how do you specify which controller uses which receiver?

07-12-2004, 01:30 PM
Hmm, well with the wavebird it had multiple channels it could use. But I don't know how logitech have gone about making there's. It might be that they'll only respond to the one that came in the box, but then again, maybe not. Check on the reciever and the control to see if there is a channel switch. It might be hidden under the battery pack or something.

If not, you could always ask the guys themselves :)

severd hed
07-12-2004, 02:39 PM
yeah, thats what kinda confused me...my wavebird has a switch, and apparently the mad catz and pelican wireless controllers also have switches..but i cant see one on this logitech model. perhaps i'll email them (unless someone here has two and knows what's going on)


i didnt see an email support link on their site..but i posted on their forums..so hopefully i will get a response back soon. i am sure that it is possible to use more than one...but i just dont know how you set it up..or what happens when you are using them with other brands of wireless controllers.

on a side note..my first post on logitech's forums got rejected becuase i used the word "crappy". it told me that it has been modified because it violated site guidelines...so i looked through it and the line:

it doesnt feel cheap and crappy like most 3rd party controllers

was changed to:

it doesnt feel cheap and ****py like most 3rd party controllers

...how lame is that

07-12-2004, 04:59 PM
you should have no problems. I have a friend with 4 wireless controllers and it works fine.