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07-14-2004, 09:40 PM
"ESPN NFL 2K5 will own your Soul."-IGN.com
Clash of the Primetime Titans

that is the headline in this months GameInformer magizine.

Graphics ESPN =Winner

Franchise ESPN =Winner

Gameplay Close but they say Madden win's and that the Hitstick beats out the Maximum tackle featue

Online ESPN = Winner

The Prognostication;

In the end when you factor in everything mentioned above, The Crib, First Person Football, The Possiblilities for the VIP profiles and the online seasons, and its affordable price;We think that while Madden will probably lead in sales, it looks like this is the year that ESPN Beats Madden as a game.

Online for ESPN 2K5..for the first time you and 31 people can play through an entire 16 game season (With injuries), including the playoffs.

ESPN offers 480p, 200 more cutscenes, Triple pass rendering..which means you can see the veins in the players arms, Xbox owners can drop their own songs in..PS2 owners can do the same but with preselected songs on the game.

ESPN offers 25 different Dances with 20 more unlockable through the crib..even signature moves like the Deon Sanders Primetime dane or the Warren Sapps aweful bunny hop move...

Also new are the booya matchups, These are challenges you get in your crib from celebs via phone on your bar, and you can win prizes by winning ..

Franchise -ESPN, instead of fiddling with Hot dog prices like in Madden ESPN is putting you in the coaches shoes during the week leading upto Sundays game, set the schedule, Study film..you get 60 hours a week to use, there is even sensitivity training and deep tissue massage, the depth is amazing, rehab your injured players to get them back and healthy.

each week there is now Sportscenter, with injury reports from Trey Wingo, Rookies will have randomly generated faces and Mel Kiper Jr. will give his thoughts on who is the best of the best in the college draft, all in all ESPN finally beats Madden in Depth and origanality..Long live the new Football king!

"it's Brilliant."-PSM
"ESPN NFL 2K5 will own your Soul."-IGN.com
"This is the best Football game to date."-Game Informer magizine

07-15-2004, 07:10 AM
mmmmm I can't wait....

07-15-2004, 08:01 AM
All they need to say is 20.00 = ESPN winner!

07-15-2004, 10:16 AM
Hats off to Visual Concepts and Sega for really making what I personally think is the best football game for the Xbox. I was a madden fan up until I tried ESPN2k4 last year and I never looked back. The only thing that Madden really has now over ESPN2k5 is it's popularity and celeb endorsments, as far as gameplay and features ESPN2k5 beats Madden hands down. Oh yeah, It's also about $30 cheaper.lol

EA might have put Madden on Xbox Live, but I'm afraid it's too little too late. ESPN2k5 is the winner this year.