View Full Version : To Any Subscriber Of The Now Canceled Next-Gen Magazine

Ninja Scroll
01-23-2002, 06:19 PM
YO, first off gotta give props to Hugh Jass for da major heads up on this topic.
Well Next-Gen (Next Generation) magazine has been my most favorite gaming magazine since the day they first shipped da infamous debut issue back in 1994-95 with the Virtu Fighter pull out cover.
In fact it's (or should I say was) the most respected videogaming magazine this side of Japan's own Famitsu!
And after hearing the shocking news of the cancelation back in December it made me feel like print was on it's last legs since others have felt the wrath of the internet, such as Game Fan, Incite gaming, ect.

Well after reading Hugh say he just got PSM in the mail to replace his remaining Next-Gen issues I said I was not going out like dat! I remember when ODCM got canceled they send me issues of Game Pro! Dudes, I was so pi$$ed off yo!

So I promised myself to never get abused like tat again, foe sho kids!

well when I got home I called the customer service number for "Imagine Media" (the owners of Next-Gen, OXM, ODCM, PC Gamer, ect) at 1-800-678-3643 and asked is this true what Hugh jass said? Not that he was lieing o anything.
So da chiks says YES! I was gonna recieve PSM starting in March/April. So I say I dont own a PoS2, and askcan I transfer my remaining issues to OXM? She saysno problem.
The catch is my Next-Gen subscribtion doesnt end until march 2003, so since the issues are $12.00 for 12 issuess she said it would get broken down in half, which was al good with your hero Ninja :)
So when my OXM sub ends in November 2002 I will get an extra 6 months (6 issues worth) after that! ;)

So to anyone out their, just call 1-800-678-3643 and just explain like I did and you will be set!

Thanks foe reading fellas, just looking out for my fellow xbox comrades :)