View Full Version : Racing Games: The Pad V The Wheel

07-28-2004, 05:02 AM
Intresting to see how this turns out.

I prefer using pads, because they tend to give alot more control and alot of racers these days don't fully consider the control scheme for wheels.

Don't get better than RSC2 and a Pad. :)

Edit: Damnit! I forgot to make the damn poll. Ah well.

severd hed
07-28-2004, 07:04 AM
I still prefer the gamepad because they do give you better control. I have a madcatz MC2 universal racing wheel that works with xbox, gamecube and playstation 2, but i hardly ever use it. it is fun to use now and then, but If i am seriously trying to win races..i go with the gamepad every time. Steering wheel controllers are a cool idea..but the problem is that very few racing games are designed with realism in mind...you cant play a racing game and try to drive it like you would drive a real car..and that is why steering wheel controllers dont work well. The only racing game i had any luck with the wheel, was SegaGT 2002 for xbox. BUt i would imagine that most of the simulation type racing games should work OK. The wheel works great for that game..however I am not a big fan of simulation racers..i like them more on the arcade side...so a wheel just doesnt do me much good