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07-30-2004, 10:10 AM
Hello to EveryOne.. New here..
my name is David...

i went from the Atari to Nintendo.. Then PlayStation.. to the PC...
i know that the Xbox has been out for a while...
i really never thought that much about it.....
but for the past two months i have been doing a lot of reading...
and looking at the games...
and i think i really want one... but i need to be sure....
i don't think i would be interested in the online stuff....
is it possible to play some of the games Solo???

i guess what i am asking.. is.. could someone
give me a really good and informative sales pitch...???

should i wait for Xbox 2??

i really want to play Geometry Wars!!!!

i know that this might be a crazy question to ask...
i was just hoping i could get some feedback from regular people...
The guy at Best Buy really didn't know that much about the system...

Any help or advice would be great...

Thank You


07-30-2004, 10:20 AM
Well Rainbow six 3: Black arrow is coming out in 4 days that game is gonna be awsome. Fable comes out in like 2 months. You may want to get XBOX Live, I never loved my xbox more. Doom 3 will be out for the xbox and many more.

07-30-2004, 10:21 AM
First off, welcome to the Asylum. Your room is being padded as we speak.

I went through the same thing about two years ago. And I came to the conclusion that the Xbox was the choice console. Why?

Well, the Xbox is simply a great system, whether you go online to play or like to go solo. It's got the highest perfomance hardware of the three systems, has an 8 Gig harddrive onboard (which you will never use all of), has the best online service ever put together, consistently outperforms the PS2 and GC w/ multiplatform titles, has Halo as an exclusive, and is the only place you'll get your hands on Geometry Wars (best part of PGR2 if you ask me).

So, go buy it. Plenty of games for you to enjoy already, and the best of the generation coming out in the next 6 months.

However!!! If you are an RPG fan, you'll be living in a tepid, desolate gaming wasteland. Xbox's library seems to have totally overlooked the genre....:(

severd hed
07-30-2004, 01:22 PM
i say go for it. i bought my first xbox at launch and have very glad i did. It has brought me alot of great times gaming. i dont really like online gaming that much..i am more into playing games by myself..and i love the xbox..there are so many great games. it is just so awesome. the hard drive, teh custom soundtracks, the great controller, the amazing graphics..you just cant beat it.

07-30-2004, 03:08 PM
go watch Halo2 videos.... SOLD :D

07-30-2004, 03:17 PM
Welcome David,

The Xbox was a bit of a gamble for me, being a hardcore Nintendo fan. I decided to get green at the last second instead of a Gamecube. I felt kind of guilty for awhile, but that was because I hadn't really experience the full potential of the console.
5.1 Surround Sound, Built in Hardrive, Custom Soundtracks, Quality Pad, Fantastic Games (your lucky, I didn't have this much choice when I got mine at launch).

And if that doesn't convice you, I got to words for ya bro.

Halo. 2.