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01-25-2002, 02:11 AM
What should become my second Xbox Game purchase?

I have NHL 2002. I have rented Madden, and played Fever. I have played Nascar Thunder Demo, Ricky Carmichael MX, DOA3, SSX Tricky, and a few othe Demo's of forgettable games. I have played PGR extensively at my Bro-in-laws, liked it but didn't love it.

I used to have a Dreamcast with the '2k' series NBA and NFL games, loved them both. SO......

I want a racing game, but I don't want to get ripped off. I liked Nascar Thunder a lot, but I would rather wait, I think, for the updated season, since its only a month away, how long will we wait for and update from EA? Same problem with the F1 game. I have seen screen shots for the F1 game for Europe and they appear to blow away EA's current effort. But how long will that take to make it to the USA! Grrrr.:mad:

Ok so maybe I should get a sports game? I really would rather have a College Football game, but since one has not been announced should I get Sega's Xbox effort, since I think Madden is kinda sucky and don't see where all the hype came from with Fever. What about the new ESPN Football game? Anyone hear any buzz about that one? Or how about one of the Many NBA games. I probably will only buy one basketball game during the entire time I own an Xbox. Should I go with the first generation, or wait until the next round is released in the Fall (I assume)?

I am not a huge fan of games like HALO, I love Ghost Recon on PC, but if the realism isn't present I won't get into it. SSX Tricky is beautiful, but fricken hard! I am lost with that one. And DOA3, well I've already beaten it with 3 different characters, I rented it Tuesday! I don't play most games with friends so I don't think I will like a fighter at the moment.

So perhaps you can see why I posted this in the Racing Forum? The future of Xbox racing looks bright, sheesh I need my shades:cool:but I wanna Race NOW! So you F1 fans, should I ignore the promise of the future and get EA's F1 game or not?

THANKS in advance.;)

01-29-2002, 07:07 PM
well it depends what other games you have. If you already have plenty of sports, get a racing game. The feature i seem to enjoy the most about Project Gotham, is the music feature where you can use music that you copy from music discs; thats why i voted for PGR. Dont get too many sports games, cause soon your gonna wanna trade in your games for credits that you could sell to buy an even better system or game. My genisis sports games sold for 25 cents! Just a reccomendation and opinion. Thats all...