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01-27-2002, 01:50 PM
Hey i just got my xbox afew days ago with halo..and was thinkin about getting Oddworld but its been getting avg or bad reviews. Anyway i was wonderin if its worth buying it

oh yea and is it short?


01-27-2002, 03:03 PM
Its a fun game. Maybe more of a rental though. Another weird thing is when I played it for a while I got a headache. Then I talked to a buddy who said the same thing happens to him.

Worth checking out!!

01-27-2002, 03:54 PM
If you like Puzzle games Oddworld is exellent. One of the best Xbox tiltes to date IMO

01-27-2002, 05:21 PM
I got this game and its a blast!! Funny and puzling!! The best of two worlds! Buy this one!!! :D

01-27-2002, 07:18 PM
You could probably solve this game in five days if you give it some serious time.

I rented it and loved it so much I bought my own copy.

01-27-2002, 08:34 PM
Oddworld is a great game. Very nice graphics, very entertaining characters, perplexing....in a fun way, and put together with a overall great sense of humor. Very unique game.

It's not a kid's game. This is definately a game that takes some patience, and some thinking.

I am slowing getting through it. Looking forward to completing it.

01-27-2002, 09:55 PM
it is definatly fun, kinda hard, im stuck in it, but fun anyways

01-28-2002, 09:44 AM
Originally posted by Tyrant
was thinkin about getting Oddworld but its been getting avg or bad reviews.

What do you use for reviews? Oddworld has received the best reviews for any Xbox title next to Halo and PGR. It's an outstanding game. :)