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07-30-2001, 11:37 PM
Okay, enough is enough, i am formally inviting everyone, and i do mean EVERYONE to come in and lets have a Xbox VS Lamecube war. When is this event you ask?

11:30pm my time tommorrow, or hell, i'll be in there right now, if ya wanna get it on, then bring it. I am posting this at 11:34 my time, so adjust time accordingly.

Mizayaki, be there, or else you will forever be the gamecube *****.

07-30-2001, 11:51 PM
I think he will be a Gamecube ***** either way.. :)

07-31-2001, 07:53 PM
I'll try to be there.

With FuNiOnZ's smartass remarks and my intelligence, we can't lose. :)

07-31-2001, 08:43 PM
I tried getting into the chat room but it wasn't working.

You having that problem too?

07-31-2001, 10:42 PM
hrm i'll take a look at it, anyways, less than 1 hour to fight time ladies and jellyspoons.

07-31-2001, 11:33 PM
heh well well well, its 11:30!!!!!!! and no show... figures.. you big *****. welcome to the wonderful world of deleted posts.

08-01-2001, 12:13 AM

I couldn't get in. The page loaded and all except for the chat box. Just one big gray block. I let it sit for a good 5 mins hoping something would finally load, but nothing. I never got a prompt either.

08-01-2001, 01:30 AM
well i dunno man, WheresYOURGoldMedal and EIGamerzX both used the java client and got in fine.

08-01-2001, 12:28 PM
Hey there did miyakaki show up did we win GO XBOX.

08-02-2001, 09:24 AM
Blippity blappity blah blah blah i changed my name for no apparent reason bing bang bong bluh.