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02-02-2002, 05:56 PM
I think all the time of what would make a great game. And Since xbox is so powerful, do you think it can handle my latest idea???

I want to see a mega metropolis, a city so big and vast and multi-tune that you can never see every bit of it. And a system to customize your character so detailed, you can pick the color of your nose hair. A vast city, where almost everyone is another xbox user and just walkin around havin a great time. No plot like fight demons or anything, just a vast virtual city. And you can go in all buildings, and buy and sell and trade and all that.

You could kill another person, and then you'd be a fugitive and if you get caught(which you probably would) you would go to jail for a fixed amount of days or weeks and have to stay there. And if you get killed or die in accident, you have to make new character. And you can intereact with everyone, and do all kinds of stuff. Think of a mix of Sims and Project Ego and Morrowind and Real Life(not a game, I mean your real life).

You can make a lot of money, and but better clothes and stuff, like a nice suit and gold jewelrey. Maybe with enough money, you can buy a car, and then a nicer car, and drive it around, but be careful about it. Mix of GTA3 and Real Life.

People could make online clans for it, and make gangs. And like attack and mug people, and all that fun stuff.

There could be a system where you can be a cop or some good city job. And if you mess up, you get in trouble.You could legally shoot people who do wrong, and help those who don't.

There could be some SIm Hot Date kinda stuff, where you can hook-up and do some adult oriented stuff.

I mean, this game would be so big and vast, that it could take more than 1 disk, and have to use your harddrive to save alot of information on your character.

do u think this would happen?

02-02-2002, 06:12 PM
I think youve just described the greatest game of the all and one thats already on the market...its called......LIFE.

And the good news is...your already playing it and even better, your subscribed to the game until the day you die. After which you will receive the free upgrade..AFTER LIFE.

The Terminator
02-02-2002, 06:12 PM

I'd become a hitman for sure, and work for some rich ppl... =]