View Full Version : The X-Wing

08-02-2001, 02:16 PM
I just recieved the September issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. I turned to the last page of the mag and there was an ad for Pelican Accessories. They have created a controller for Xbox along with Gamecube. The Gamecube controller (called G3) is cool, but that's not what I want to talk about. Pelican created a controller for the Xbox called the X-Wing! It looks AWESOME!!!!:D

Now, I know that the best controller for a system is usually the main controller, but the X-Wing might be just as good as Microsoft's controller! If you recieve EGM, look on the last page. If you don't, go to your local magazine stand and just turn to the last page of the Sep. issue of EGM. Tell me what you think of it!