View Full Version : nightmare creatures 3 announced!!

02-07-2002, 01:21 PM
Guys , I just read on console wire that kalisto is making Nightmare Creatures 3 for "multiple platforms". If they make it for the XBOX, you know it will rock!

Nato King
02-07-2002, 02:47 PM
This game would be great for the xbox.

This is a hot thread I would like to hear what other people would think about this game coming to xbox to.

Ninja Scroll
02-07-2002, 02:51 PM
Nightmare WHO!? ..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


call me when Resident Evil Remake ships on KiddyCube!:D

02-07-2002, 10:38 PM
I personally can't wait for it. I loved the first one on my N64, thought the second one on my Dreamcast stunk, and if the game is even half as pretty as the scenery in the two screenshots, I will get the third for the Xbox.