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02-10-2002, 05:40 PM

The Xbox electrifies sports entertainment like never before. Our full

February 8, 2002

If you're going to have The Rock by your side, as Bill Gates did when he
unveiled the Xbox at the 2001 CES, then you know the first WWF game for the
system had better kick cosmic amounts of ass. It was THQ's mission to
publish such a game and they made an extremely wise decision to have Anchor
develop WWF Raw. The Tokyo-based company created the well-received Ultimate
Fighting Championship on Dreamcast and their experience with realistic
models and detailed grappling animation shines through brilliantly in their
first WWF game.
The wrestling engine will remind many fans of the Aki/Asmik wrestling games
on the N64, but with so much more polish and other Xbox enhancements the
experience will feel more realistic than ever before. However, Raw's
weaknesses as a first generation Xbox title are apparent with one glance at
the main menu.

In writing our review of Raw, we've enlisted the help of Masahiro Onoguchi,
the Chief Development Officer at Anchor Inc. Onoguchi took the time to share
some of the finer points and background info on Raw with us and we'll
include his comments where appropriate.