View Full Version : disappointing or not?

02-13-2002, 05:11 AM
i was just curious if people are feeling that this initial launch of games has been disappointing or not? do you think microsoft should try to isolate new developers to make brand new games or release some more 'enhanced' versions of already-available games?

i'm just a little curious because so far there isn't too much out there that is completely exciting or was previously exciting but there were things that weren't present which got taken out or didn't lead up to expectations. i also notice that a lot of games are omitting multiplayer options (that obviously should have them) or they are stripping them down. maybe this is microsoft's way of targetting the xbox as family-friendly?

some of the original titles that are upcoming do look very nice visually but the games themselves look and feel as if they might have five minute plots and no storyline in my opinion. titles like blood omen 2 and enclave and that interstingly hyped-up (but too closely ripped-off american mcgee's alice) malice.

what do you guys/gals think? i really like the xbox games i have but as for titles, maybe the line up wasn't as strong or maybe it was?

ps: sorry if this conversation has been brought up in the past but i'm sure the thought must've passed by in some of your thoughts?