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02-15-2002, 01:25 PM
Quoted fron CNET.com and here is the link:



"Weekly Sales Report 1/27-2/2

* NPD released its weekly sales report a few days late due to “data issues with multiple retailers.” Because of this the coverage ratio for this week is significantly lower than normal (45-50% of the total US market instead of 55- 60%). Therefore, we have even less confidence than normal in these numbers, particularly with regard to estimates for individual products (like the Gamecube or Xbox). NPD expects its coverage to return to normal in the next report. We also expect that any misstatement because of this week’s numbers will be cleared up with the release of NPD’s monthly report.

* That said we estimate that sales of video games in the US have been stronger than expected in the quarter to date with sales up 43% over the same period last year. This is a particularly strong result given the lack of major new releases in the period. With a heavy product schedule ahead of us in February, as well as the launch of Xbox in Japan on Feb 22, the next few weeks should be markedly different from the last few post Christmas weeks.

* Based on our analysis of NPD’s weekly sales report, Sony sold 99,000 PS2 units in the week, bringing the install base in the U.S. to over 7.45 million units. Microsoft sold 37,000 Xbox hardware units a total install base of 1.6 million. Nintendo sold 19,000 Gamecube units during the week to bring the install base to 1.4 million units. Game Boy Advance sold 67,000 units last week, up 59% following the last week’s $20 price reduction.

* This week Take-Two’s (TTWO, $18.56, Buy) Grand Theft Auto 3 for the PS2 held the number one spot overall, with Max Payne #3 on the Xbox. In the company’s January quarter Take2’s US sales of PC and video games are up 532% to $214 million according to our analysis of the NPD Group’s sales reports.

* Electronic Arts’ (ERTS, $54.50, Strong Buy) U.S. sales of video game products through the last week of January have risen 29% over the same period last year. Activision’s (ATVI, $26.53, Buy) U.S. sales grew 19% year over year on strong sales of its seven Tony Hawk Pro Skater titlesand a strongshowing with its Shaun Palmer Pro Snowboarder product for PS2. THQ’s (THQI, $43.89, Buy) U.S. sales are up 5% in the current quarter and we expect this number to increase significantly with the release of WWF Raw this week.

* Consumer demand for video game hardware and software remains strong through the first month of the year. We believe that as we go through the year and hardware availability and software portfolios improve sales should strengthen. Therefore, we would encourage investors to use the post holiday sell-off as an opportunity to build positions in the leaders in this industry ahead of the launch of Xbox in Japan and Europe and the annual E3 trade show."

02-15-2002, 02:52 PM
Thanks for the story.

I'd like to see some stronger XBOX numbers but it's good to see MS is holding their own in the face of stiff competition.