View Full Version : help!- in wreckless..lol

02-16-2002, 12:37 PM
has any1 beat missions:
A6, B5, or B6??
i need help w/ these 3 missions
and possibly how to
open up a new car..
thanks all!!!:D

02-16-2002, 06:58 PM
im gonna go play later on, so
post asap if ya can help..

02-17-2002, 08:20 PM
the missions i need help on are
B6 and A6...
they r hard!!
also..any help w/ unlocking
cars is needed:D
thanks:) :)

02-18-2002, 03:14 AM
SPOILER! these are my tips, i beat this game and got all the vehicles on the first shot.

a6: this is based strictly on chance. as the preview screenshot shows you, the 'patrol-1' car is the best for this level because of it's shape, it's handling and it's speed. this car will not go out of control like the other cars and since it has a slower speed, it brakes much more efficiently. there is no unlockable car in this level thankfully. the explosives are sort of like lives for this level and once you use up your last explosive (life), the game is over.

the hardest parts of this maze-not-maze are the zig-zagged water jump and the vehicle push at the end. the water jump has no real strategy, you just have to know when to push your vehicle so it doesn't hop into the water by accident and control your vehicle's speed. going at top speed will more than likely get you killed. the vehicle push has a strategy though - do not push the car fast because it will go into the water regardless. inch up to the car and make sure that your headlights are centered with his bumper and accelerate slowly with mild pushing (this part gives you 60 seconds to complete). if you notice that the car is starting to shift in direction, stop immediately and center your car into position and try again.

if you are also having time troubles with the third part of this level (the platform maze), jump once you get to the top of the first platform onto the second lower one. you'll have much more time to get impatient with your vehicle of diaster.

b6: this is the plutonium one right? first, do not destroy more than one vehicle carrying the plutonium as your giger meter will accelerate and you'll automatically lose. the best way to tackle this is to use the fastest car (speed-car) and get the first plutonium van that is directly north of you upon starting and drop it off to the closest drop-off centre (the drop off centre in that village where you crush the door). directly from there, go towards that dump site where the dragons were in a4 and the plutonium van should be there if you did this fast enough. the drop-off centre is less than a block away so drop that off quickly. now, the other and last van should be approaching up the street from the dump site. you should try to take it slow because your giger meter might be too high or in between which is still too high so take your time getting to the van. destroy it and haul ass all the way to the other side of the map and do your best to avoid everything as it'll slow you down and guess what - you'll lose. this is the way i beat it.

unlocking cars:
firstly, it should be known that you have to complete the level when you ram the new vehicle in order to gain the vehicle.

a3: obviously there is a car to unlock here and man is it a toughie but you don't need a better vehicle to use to get it - all you need is the pick and yellow buggy (what an ugly flippin' buggy). basically all you have to do is try and hit the dump truck three times before it makes a turn and then jump up that steep slope left of the question mark onto that grassy secluded perch enclosed by a concrete wall (which you cannot reach unless you jump onto it). from there, you should see a blue ramp and two holes in the ground. this is where chance comes in, run off the platform and pray you land on the wheels. from there run directly left from the drop to the police-4wd, ram it (to unlock it) and hurry your butt back to the elevator shaft (which was the drop), press y and wait impatiently. as you get up, the dump truck should be coming around your buggy so ram it to destroy it. now race like crap to the construction site without the usual flips that the buggy does and proceed to go to the ramp.

now we all know that this stupid levelled construction site is a complete hair-puller and teeth-clencher because those bloody yakuza cars always knock you off and when you think you've past them, they're behind you pushing your buggy right off the building. so instead go behind the ramp and construction site entirely and you'll find a weird non-obvious grey ramp which leads to an elevator that brings you straight to the top of the building! from there, do your business.

a7: there is a taxi in this level to be unlocked but you'll miss it because this mission is quite easy and you can beat before you get the finish line. what you have to do for this level is ram the opponent until they are nearly beaten and then race your vehicle to about 75% near the finish line. from there you'll see the question mark which is in a building you need to smash into to get the taxi, by ramming it. by then your opponent should be coming around for you to smash him and win the level.

by the way, use the 'patrol-1' car. much easier and again, the control issue. whenever you pick a different car, it selects a different car that is comparable to the one you've selected.

i won't tell you the yakuza's unlocked vehicles because they are SO easy and you'll feel really cheated if i tell you. trust me, they are very easy to find and just use your judgement.

ps: what was the point though of the hidden vehicles? they are so hard to maneuver with and most of the levels are too difficult to use them with. i never used the yakuza cars once either...

02-18-2002, 11:35 AM
that was more than enough help...
thanks for it all:):)
it seems like these 2 boards are REALLY
hard(the whole game is..lol,but still
congrads on beating it!!
must have been tough..:(
anyways..i think ill try unlocking
vehicles, but ur right..its too hard
to do that and still beat it..i think
once u find it, it should be urs..
thanks again:) :D