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But if for some reason the link doesn't work:

Courtesy of Gamespot:

"At the Xbox Summit 2005, Microsoft showed off its first mock-up of the Xbox 360's retail packaging: a simple white and green box that matched the console's color scheme.

The side of the Xbox 360's packaging listed the accessories that will be included with the console: a hard drive, wireless controller, Xbox Live, headset, and Ethernet cable. No cables for hooking up to a monitor were listed.

One side of the packaging had the slogan "Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system is you. It's your future. With the most strong games and the most powerful technology, Xbox 360 puts you at the center of your entertainment experience. With the Xbox 360, you can play the most compelling games, watch DVD movies, and share your digital music, photos, videos, and TV."

The packaging for the console's games was shown as well. It was a standard-size, plastic DVD case. The Xbox 360's controller was also on display, and it had a comfortable grip akin to Nintendo's GameCube controller. The alignments of the analog sticks and directional pad also resembled the GameCube controller.

Microsoft also showed off auxiliary accessories that will be available for purchase separately from the console. They include:

Wireless Controller - The 360 comes standard with one wireless controller. Additional controllers are sold separately.

Wired Controller - Wireless controllers can sometimes run into interference from outside sources.

Memory Unit - Xbox 360's memory unit comes with a plastic case to protect your saved data from harm.

Rechargeable Battery Pack - Additional batteries are available for the wireless controller.

Play and Charge Unit - This accessory lets you play with your wireless controller hooked to the Xbox 360 while also recharging it.

Quick Charge Unit - As the name may suggest, this accessory lets you charge your controller's battery quickly.

Wireless Network Adapter - This adapter is an antenna unit that can be plugged into the Xbox 360's USB port for wireless connection to the Internet (wireless LAN). It is compatible with IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11c.

Hard Drive - Additional hard drives will be officially available from Microsoft.

Remote Control - A remote control is available for accessing the Xbox 360's various functions.

Headset - Additional headsets will be offered for the Xbox 360.

Faceplates - As Microsoft announced during its initial Xbox 360 unveiling, the console's faceplates can be switched around to give it different looks.

VGA HD Cable - If you want to play with HD graphics, this is the cable that you'll need.

Component AV Cable - For players that want to use component AV.

S-Video AV Cable - For players that want to play with an S-video output."

Included headset and ethernet cable? That's great and all for people with XBL, but doesn't that seem like a waste of money boxing that in when some people might not even use some of that stuff? Just my $0.02 .

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HELLYAH! :hardcore:

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Nice I cant wait for XBOX 360 to come out

Yannie Boy
07-26-2005, 12:38 PM
NICE!!!! but nothing yet on Xbox to Xbox 360 memory features

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NICE!!!! but nothing yet on Xbox to Xbox 360 memory features

Dude I already told you, there is no compatibility between them. Allard already said this.

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Too bad the charge doilies don't come in the box. I'm too lazy to buy new batteries.