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09-08-2005, 01:45 PM
I though it will more than that but is the same price at the launch of Xbox, check it out.

XBOX 360 Console System

XBOX 360 Hard Drive (20 GB): 20GB and detachable, the hard drive allows gamers to store their games, music, downloaded trailers, levels, demos and community-created content from XBOX Live Marketplace and more.

XBOX 360 Memory Unit (64 MB): Easily portable, this lets gamers save games, in-game achievements and unique gamer profiles for quick and easy access on the go.

XBOX 360 Wireless Controller: The same hassle-free high-performance precision wireless gaming that comes with the premium edition features the XBOX Guide Button for quick access to digital movies, music and games libraries as well as a range and battery life of up to 30' and 30 hours of life on two “AA” batteries.

XBOX 360 Play & Charge Kit: This allows plug and play for high-performance, precision wireless gaming with the XBOX 360 Wireless Controller. Gamers will be given ample warning when the end of battery life is nearing so they can connect the Play & Charge cable for uninterrupted play.

XBOX 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack: This provides up to 25 hours of gameplay for wireless gaming fun.

XBOX 360 Wireless Networking Adapter: With this, gamers can chat with friends and play games via XBOX Live, as well as stream videos and music to XBOX 360 from a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PC, all without the clutter of wires.

XBOX 360 Headset: This heightens the XBOX Live experience by letting gamers strategize with team-mates or trash-talk opponents while playing games.

XBOX 360 Universal Media Remote: This integrated control center for the entire digital experience lets consumers play DVDs, movies and music, as well as control a TV and their Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PC controls with a single controller.

XBOX 360 VGA HD AV Cable: Gamers can experience high-definition gaming on flat-panel TV or VGA monitors. This cable provides optimal audio and video signal transfer.

All of that for 499,99$
At Future Shop CAND (http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0665000FS10066139&atab=&spviewed=&newlang=EN&logon=&langid=FR#)

09-08-2005, 02:03 PM
Yeah that's been up on Futureshops site for a while now. Not sure if they ever had pre-ordering available.. i only noticed it a week ago and they've always had none available. Not sure if they had pre-orders and sold them out, or never had them at all.