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11-21-2005, 11:36 PM
(music in the background) "The final Countdown, from rocky"


I'm going to be picking up my 360 at 6:30 am Sharp!

So no time for sleep, so I will be awake ALLLLLLLLL night!

My coffee maker is saying, YOU NEED MORE COFFEE FOOL!

I've been up 12 hours so far! Muahaha

Planned purchases for my 360:

1 copy of Gun
1 copy of Quake 4
1 copy of Call of Duty 2
Maybe 1 copy Project Gotham 3.....

Vga adapter for my tv and perhaps the serial thing for my lcd monitor.

And whatever else I wanna buy.. Muahaha

I have aprox $340 to use and/or splurge.

Hmm, lets see..Oh and I'll be posting a review of each game when I'm finnished with them. I will also post a review of my 360. Here's a sneak preview " EAT SH*T SONY!" (Please note - Thoughts or opionions may not be those of Microsoft and its employees, but we all know they are!)

Next stop, EB Games!

:hardcore: :hardcore: :hardcore:

11-21-2005, 11:40 PM
So many countdown threads it pwns. Everyone gets tehres sometime differnt.

woot cant wait.

11-22-2005, 12:01 AM
Yep, there's basically a 12 hour window from 12pm east coast, the first boxes sold, until 9 am west coast, when the last of the stores will open. With only a 4 hour gap or so between the west coast midnight sales and the earliest east coast store openings.