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02-21-2002, 03:01 PM
Yes, we've all seen them, and we all think they look cool and they are a good size (see this (http://www.penny-arcade.com/view.php3?date=2001-08-29) ) But unfortuantely, some bad news for all of you who have been anxiously awaiting the release:

Sources from Microsoft's X-Box division and independent developers sent a number of e-mails to NCS yesterday after we posted our little FAQ. Unfortunately, Microsoft appears to have mandated that USA X-Box software titles not recognize any controllers from other territories. Japanese controllers won't work with USA X-Box software. (http://www.ncsx.net/www/2002/ncs021802/ncs0218w.htm) <----click for more

02-21-2002, 09:34 PM
did you see the addendum at 2:28???

* Addendum at 02:28PM EST *
A lot of e-mails have poured in from other sources and developers these past few hours. A call from an Microsoft employee also came in. The Japanese X-Box joypad should work with USA consoles. We'll confirm this tonight once our suppliers test the joypad with some USA games we shipped them earlier this week. If all is well, then our shipments of Japanese X-Box joypads won't go to waste after all.

02-21-2002, 11:48 PM
I hoped the Japanese controllers would be released in the U.S., but it seems like eventually someone will make a smaller controller for Xbox. I have a couple Mad Catz and a couple Microsoft, and I like the Mad Catz better than the Microsofts because the buttons are farther apart, but still I like the smaller, thinner controllers better. I dunno why, they are just more comphortable to me personally though, so I myself will be happy to see a smaller Xbox controller asap.

02-22-2002, 12:23 PM
All men are created equal but all men are not treated equal. This blows me up, the xbox being the first american system and we don't get any offers like a limited edition or controllers like the japanessee that kewl but I paid $500 dollars when i got my xbox and I didn't get anything transparent or any key chains with bill gates signiture and they give it to the japan, man that is not fair

02-22-2002, 12:43 PM
Instead of buying a smaller controller grow up and get bigger hands. I think the contoller is fine just the way it is.