View Full Version : $$ Huge Halo 2 Tournament $$

04-16-2006, 11:15 AM

Where: 1428 Wesley Avenue, in Berwyn ILL (not the church, enter in the school entrance)
When: May 13, it starts at 12:30 p.m. and ends around 8:00
Prices: For team slayer it is $40:00 a team, FFA is $10:00 a person, and double team is $20:00 a team.
(Team slayer): 4 people on each team, it is a two out of three series against another team, there aren’t any loser brackets. First game will be CTF3, second will be Lockout slayer, 3rd game will be sanctuary snipers. (Free for all): 8 players in a party, up to 50 kills, time limit 20 minutes. The FFA games will be played at midship, and the top 8 will be split up into 1v1 at warlock.(Double team) 2v2, same set up as team slayer games.

Their will be tons of food, snacks, and drinks. Bring your own controller if you want to play. Their will be no time for warm up and the cut of for people to sign up will be at 1:00.


Berwyn is in Illinois, about 15 minutes away from downtown chicago.
All MLG settings, if any ?'s e mail me at ropesweb@yahoo.com