View Full Version : Need Advanced AV Pack Help

02-25-2002, 03:52 PM
I just purchased the Advanced AV Pack for the XBOX to make the DVD play not fade and stuff...


I hooked everything up the right way (i think), all the colors went to the right places... plugged into my XBOX, put in a DVD... but now I have no video or no sound at all... the wires might be misplaced, but im not sure... I followed the manual but it is so vauge, its like

"Put the AV pack cables to the AV connector on the XBOX to the AV/TV Cable connector on your AV pack on your TV"

like wtf... could someone please reply with help,


l Maximus l
02-25-2002, 04:21 PM
No problem, dude...I have one, too...eventhough I don't use it any more.

But, you plug the S-Video connection in the back of your TV - this replaces the "yellow" plug on the regular composite cables that come with you XBox. So, don't use the yellow input on the back of your TV now.

Next, plug the white and red audio cables into the inputs on the back of your TV.

Plug the other end into your XBox.

It seems to me, if I recall, that there is a middle section on the wire from the XBox and the TV. Just plug in the corresponding colors and you are set!

Also, on your TV, you might have to put it on Video 1 or whatever setting your TV has. Of course, that's my simply selecting "Video" on your TV remote or on your TV. :)