View Full Version : First Glance at N3 (Ninety Nine Nights)***Spoiler warning***

08-02-2006, 10:43 PM
At first glance, it is a basic hack'n slash game though the level of detail put into the graphics as well as the story line is amazing. Granted I have only experienced what some would call a, 'partial' experience, the demo is worth the time it takes to download. If you like dynasty warriors, and/or, a big fan of hack'n slash RPG style games, then download this demo. It will keep you coming back for at the most a half hour of fun...

***Spoiler Warning (do not read the bottom half of this page if you don't want to know what happens)***

You play as the pretty boy, Aspharr, brother of the young, intergetic, fiery, inphyy who goes off on her own pursuing the retreating goblin army. At the very start of the demo you have enemies already flying at you, while you and your small army of temple knights destroy and eradicate the minute amount of enemy troops. Just as you gain the upper hand on the battle they begin to retreat as you are presented with a small cut-scene where inphyy mocks the goblin army and pursuing them. You are cut off from any attempt on following as a land slide covers the entrance. So you are forced to fight your way through countless enemies slashing your way and coordinating your men through countless fights. On the way you pick up weapons and miniscule items which you can equip by pressing the back button on your controller. Some items boost your life while others allow you to move faster, or strengthen your attacks, even make you invincible during an orb attack.

As you make your way to the way point inphyy appears unharmed and still pursuing the goblins, after that cutscene finishes you engage a large amount of enemies with the help of your other hero companion and Inphyy. Just as you finish off the remaining enemy troops you are presented with another little cutscene where inphyy runs off alone, and unaided going to face the rather large goblin army just up the hill. After you finish off the rest of the troops you run up to aide inphyy, it looks like the end of the game as you finish off the last enemy soldier, but it is far from it. Another cutscene takes place where there is a troll sitting on a hill to your left you tell inphyy to go gather the messengers while you are left trying to destroy the troll. By now you are surrounded by spell casters, goblin warriors, and a large, annoying as hell, troll (Best strategy so far is to allow the other hero character distract the troll while you take it out from behind). If you some how manage to defeat the troll inphyy will return moments later praising her brother, and the cutscene (More like the end movie of the stage) where a knight comes to your side he does not explain why but you get up and yell "We march to (whatever town it was... Weird name)..."

But if you don't defeat the troll you end up with a slightly more explanatory kind of ending, the soldier tells you (after you both get aquainted (SP?)), that his town was being attacked by goblins then the cut scene where you did kill the troll comes in. After having a small arguement with inphyy...

Alright that pretty much sums it all up.... Have fun and enjoy the game... I know I did...