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Xbox Masta 4
08-08-2006, 10:41 PM
Hey guys,

First of all I would like to make a little review of Microsofts service.

I started having problems with my old Xbox 360. Freezing, throwing up unreadable disc error as well as the "please put this cd into the xbox360 to play." wtf, it's already in, haha. Anyway, I decided to call Microsoft up.

Below is a copy, because I posted at another forum.

"Call Microsoft, I've never had a problem getting my systems replaced.

My Xbox 360 has been great for the longest time. Then I started playing some baseball and basketball games and it started to freeze a lot. The sports games would work a lil longer without HD in but not much longer. I DON'T have a warranty. I called up Microsoft and the girl I talked to said it's still under warranty. I was like wtf? Not going to complain about that. I'm assuming its a one year warranty through them, or six months maybe. Since I've had my 360 since early April.

I can't complain about the customer service. I called first time and the girl was nice. Asked me a few questions, I told her what was wrong. She told me to play without HD for a few hours. If it still was giving me same errors/freezing up, to call back. If it was fine, call back and I'd send my HD in to get it replaced. I called back again and another lady answered. Told her it wasn't my HD. She said ok we'll have a box sent to you for you to put your 360 in to get rebuilt. She put me on hold (first time ever) I waited for a couple mins, then she said something and put on hold again for like 20 mins. She asked politely to put me on hold even. I go wtf is goin on, she said sorry for the hold but the servers are down. Call back in about 30 min or an hour. I did and my order already went through before. So why I'm telling you all this, don't know. haha. I guess I'm doing a review, lmao. Main points: customer service=good, even though sometimes they were hard to understand(I had to ask to repeat thereselves four times once) because they spoke too fast and there accents made it worse on top of that. Other than that, I had no problems. I explained my problems of the 360 and without question got me taken care of.

So anyone of you that don't have a warranty, it's atleast worth a try and call. Even if you have your doubts."

Now the update:

"I was on vacation and just got back recently. My older bro stayed home and when I was away my Xbox 360 came in the mail. Didn't take long at all. They ended up just replacing the whole system. This one (even though my other one was a few months old) this one has been running quieter, and hasn't throwin up any error messages or frozen. Yay!

To me, IMO it wasn't that long of a turn around. They told me a few weeks and here it is. I think it would be less time since they replaced the whole unit, but then again they're still taking this one apart and looking at it. Unless they just usually replace them anyway, then rebuild mine and give to someone else. Either way I'm glad I got a system back, haha."

The Problem:

My old Xbox 360 really wasn't too bad. It just sucked at points. For example I had to probably clean Hitman disc about 10 times before it would work. Some games would freeze no matter what, some would play, and some used to freeze but never did after that.

My new xbox 360 I think run a little bit quieter. I have yet got an error message. Well now today I pre-ordered Saint's Row. I got the demo they gave me and tried it out when I got home. I put it in and if anyone has played it where you start, to where you get in the car that sits in that alley way (about 10 ft) I get in and it freezes. I can't even make it to the street without it freezing. The longest Ive got it to play was under a minute. I ran along the sidewalk, went left, then turned left down that street and puched one person in the face. t]Then it froze again!

I also tried the basketball game I have. I could never get one game finished with my old xbox. Well now I can't even get a game started without it freezing. The game is NBA LIVE 2006.

Sorry if this is all sloppy, and I know I should or probably searched first but I don't get why these are the only two games that will do this. Yes, I have tried without the HD, I have plenty of air, I've tried hanging the power cord from my entertainment center door, etc. Nothing helps.

I just want to know if anyone else has had problems with this. I have heard there are patches for the sports games on Live but I currently don't have Live right now. Will get soon again.

I just don't get if it's the game how there are people who can play the full game and I'm prob one out of the whole world that gets a bad game? Don't think that's the case.

I'm just sick of this, I just got my X360 back, now I might have to send it in AGAIN?

- Devin