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08-10-2006, 11:37 PM
WCG USA Championships information...

o Hey, is everybody going to the WCG finals in Vegas this year? That is just the coolest place that WCG has ever gone and I got a hotel “cheat code” from my friend who worked at one of the WCG regional’s! My friends and I scored two of the $300 hotel rooms at the Aladdin at the insider rate of just $139! Just call Aladdin reservations and tell them you are coming for the WCG and make sure to use the secret “ACYBER” code when you book. This totally makes it worth the road trip from San Diego. Yah WCG and Vegas!!!

o That’s very cool. Thanks for the “ACYBER” cheat code tip. I also heard that there doing a special VIP list at the door for the first 300 fans that email their name, address and phone info to the WCG at wcgfirst300@gmail.com. You get to skip the line at the door and go right in! I think you might get a credential too.

o A lot of this stuff is up on the WCG website at http://www.us.worldcybergames.com, but not that “ACYBER” code for the $139 hotel rate. I called the Aladdin and it really works, but they also told me that there’s a limited number of the ‘insider” rooms and once they are gone they are gone.

o I also heard that WCG is doing some walk-up comps in Xbox games like Halo 2 and geometry wars and other stuff that anyone who shows up can enter. But does anyone know if the Halo comp will be teams or what?

o There’s a huge WCG sweepstakes this year. They are giving away a trip to the world finals and a totally sick home entertainment system with a big TV, Xbox 360, and computer stuff. It’s on the WCG USA website, but I actually found it by clicking a banner on VIBE.com. Here’s the link: http://us.worldcybergames.com/sweepstakes

o Wow WCG is in Vegas? That totally rocks. My clan was looking for a good road trip. All this extra info is just making it better.

o Did anyone hear? Is this going to be on TV anywhere? I mean other than the VODs they always do on the WCG site?

o I was at the WCG event in Hollywood and people were talking about Vegas finals back then in June. It took a while for the news to break, but this sounds like a great place to do WCG.

o Yeah, I was in Hollywood and then in CG Center in Irvine last week and it seems like a lot of cool people are going. If 3D meets Complexity in the CS finals it will be worth the trip.

Wow man I can not wait to go watch doa 4 and pgr 3!

08-11-2006, 12:22 AM
Hmmmm, are you somehow connected to the WCG USA Championships? Either way, welcome to the site :cheers: