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12-20-2000, 07:18 PM
I know Microsoft has primarily been a software developer, but I don't know very many specifics..

Is the Xbox the first "computer" Microsoft has "built"/made?

12-21-2000, 12:25 PM
I'm not 100% sure but I think this is Microsoft's first.

Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong. http://www.xboxaddict.com/ubb/wink.gif

12-21-2000, 02:17 PM
<font color=green>Yep, as far as I know ( and it's not a lot) this is MS first machine.</font>

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05-27-2001, 08:39 PM
Microsoft has been in the business of PC hardware for quite a while now and to date has produced one of the two best FORCE FEEDBACK stering wheels and and the best force feedback joystick around

the Power and speed of the Xbox is a testiment to the inginuity of microsoft and a example of how Nintendo and Sony have controled the market

Sony and Nintendo have not built the machines to the maximum availble specficiation so it is quicker and cheaper to develop the next machine and then could charge gamers for another machine in a few years time

Microsoft have done whast needed to be done and added compition to the industrie

Sony have control of the Adult market with advanced fighting and drving games

Nintendo have control of the younger market with the appeal of pokemon and mario

Microsoft is the only company that is willing to take on both and it will probably win and I hope it does

05-28-2001, 03:37 AM

05-29-2001, 11:06 PM
that wasnt microsofts.

05-31-2001, 05:04 AM