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Afro Aura
02-28-2002, 11:44 AM
This cannot be true, I went into HMV (record shop) to have a chat with my friend in there (works in security), I was talking about the XBOX and he jumped in and said he had just bought a PS2 aarrgghh it gets worst, so I asked why? And he said that HMV had taken 50 pre-orders and when they got the XBOX demo box in most of the people who had put there orders in on the XBOX they wanted there money back, bad news to Mircosoft.
So went to see what games they had in the box and they were: Amped, PGR, Fusion Frenzy, Oddworld, Blood Wake and so other stuff I can't remember I thought how come theres no Halo or Dead or Alive 3 just to see that this machine is BAD!!! (thats in a cool way).

It's a shame that the PS2 has got so much of an influence over here in the UK

Oh well at least the people that took there money back at least left one for me to get on 14 March 2002 yeah it'll be sitting right next to my US one I've got at the moment.

Yahoo, post 100+ and I'm feeling fine

02-28-2002, 11:49 AM
Silly Euros.......... :D