View Full Version : Long time no post!....Limited edition problems

12-12-2006, 05:46 PM
wow its been awhile, well the forum is nearly dead but anyway...I bought an owned but never used limited edition blue xbox off someone(he had it for he said almost a year but had only taken it out of the box to have a look at it, it was still in its plastic wrap and the front panel still had the removable plastic on it). moving on, now I've heard from a few different people about the limited edition xbox's being more prone to problems, as my friend had a new crystal xbox and I dont think it even lasted a year before the HD died. So far I think mine is very touchy with scratched or dirty disc's, I know I have a few used games that have some minor imperfections on them, but it was never really an issue with my old xbox, so far 1 of my games completely stopped playing on it, cause of the condition of the disc, and I've had a few problems with games freezing and me having to restart the xbox or in one instance I had bought a brand new game and it just didnt run very well, it was a tad slower, abit longer to load different things in the game, anyways if anyone knows anything further and has some advice I'd greatly apppreciate it, as I dont really want to have to buy another xbox.