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03-01-2002, 01:35 PM
Tony hawk 3 is still set for release on March 5th, right? i heard it was gonna have online options, but is the network ready?

03-01-2002, 01:38 PM
I think the release is March 6th.. don't know about the online capability but right now you can play THPS2x on gamespy, so I imagine 3 will work on GS also.

03-01-2002, 02:08 PM
thps 3 comes out next week
and will not have official online play logged in it
but u will most likely be able to play over gamespy

03-02-2002, 05:12 PM
wait a minute how do u play online if u dotn ahve the option to go online in the game

03-02-2002, 05:21 PM
if the game supports system link, there are ways to play online..

gamespy, xboxconnector..and some other programs

03-02-2002, 08:45 PM
how many xboxes can you hook up?

03-02-2002, 11:16 PM
I think the most xbox's the system link supports is 4. I'm not sure if you can have that many in THPS3. I could be wrong about this, correct me if I am.

03-04-2002, 10:24 PM
Tony 3 is only available online for the ps2, Playstation has exclusive rights for its online launch, So the answer is NO!!! You cannot play online if You dont have a Playstation 2,Playstation owns online rights........ :) :) :)

03-05-2002, 11:03 AM
not true because as long as there is system link play u can get online yep

03-10-2002, 11:28 PM
Yankeez is correct.

with system link, it is able to play through GameSpy.....

hence it is online capable

03-11-2002, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by Blade
Yankeez is correct.

with system link, it is able to play through GameSpy.....

hence it is online capable
He's right. You can go online with Halo via system link & GameSpy, and Halo isn't even an online game. Hence, you can do it with THPS3.

03-12-2002, 10:40 AM
First off, I've never played any Tony Hawk Games. So this was a complete gamble going by EVERY reviewer.

To give you an idea of the kind of games I play and enjoy for Xbox, here's what I currently own:

Halo, SSX Tricky, THPS 3, DoA 3, Project Gotham.

Here's what I think of this game:

Gameplay: This game is a lot of fun. I can't help but compare it to the game Amped (rented it before), except with so many more options. I think the controls work great with the xbox controller... no problems there. The learning curve doesn't seem to be too intense... I'm progessing along in the game quite nicely... but certainly not too quickly. The game goes very quickly, and can make you dizzy at times (a major bonus). A very do-what-you-want type of game.

Graphics: Now, I know this game was previously released on PS2... and got a perfect 10. The graphics are Very very smooth, and quite good... but certainly not a 10 on the Xbox. (compare it to Halo and DoA3, which should both get 10 in graphics).
For example: breaking your face on the ramp... blood just kind of randomly flies, and looks very fake. Like mentioned in gamespy's review... not shading of the blood. Looks like an old nintendo's blood. On the plus side, the blood stays there for quite a long time. Also, any blood is a huge bonus..heh. This game always moves at about 60 fps (at least as far as I am in the game.)

Sound: Hmm, it's good... but I've heard much better on the xbox. This isn't a game that you even notice the sound on though. I do like the soundtrack, but the general effects could have been better. Don't get me wrong... me scoring an 8 in sound doesn't hinder the gameplay in the least! Just means that I'd turn on the stereo while playing it after a while most likely.

Value: The coolest thing about this game is how you can create your own skater. This isn't anything new, except that you can seriously make them look like anyone you know. Heck, I even got my skater to wear almost the exact favorite outfit I own. The Height control, weight, skin color, clothing color, tattoos, socks, shoes, etc etc, jewelry... anything you can basically think of except chest hair. Ok, that aside... you can also create your own course and play on it with your friends. I haven't touched this feature yet (note, i just got this game recently)... but this adds a lot of replay to the game. Also, you can combine trick after trick... which really expands what you can do in the game. Note: I haven't quite gotten the hang of this yet, but occassionally I pull off some pretty sick moves that make me quite proud of myself, heh.

Anyway, I recommend this game to almost anyone... a lot of fun single player and multiplayer.

Games I HIGHLY recommend as must buys:

Games to rent before buying:
Project Gotham Racing (I love it, but handles in a unique way. Either you love this game, or it drives you nuts.)
Dead or Alive 3 (I hate fighting games... ex: memorizing moves. This game has incredible graphics... but only buy if you have friends over constantly)
SSX Tricky (not for hardcore sport gamers... but an AWESOME game. I probably play this game more than any other. It's just a lot of fun.)