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03-01-2002, 03:20 PM
If any of you have read this months issue of the official xbox mag, you would know what I'm talking about. For those of you who have not seen the most recent issue, there is an article entitled 'The top 100 Xbox games of 2002'. Thats right '100'. Its not a typo. Now granted half of these games may either be released late or never at all, but they were all potentialy top notch games. I personally am quite exited at the prosect of even 50 great games coming out for the xbox over the next 9 months. That is more than most of our budgets can handle. Dont worry, give our system a little time. For cryin out loud there has to be close to 40 or 50 games out already, and most of them are way better than any other system has had available at only 4 months after its launch. By xmas 2002, our moms/dads/spouses/santa claus will have spinning heads due to the vast collection of QUALITY xbox games to choose from while shopping for their favorite addict!
Woo Hoo!

Ninja Scroll
03-01-2002, 03:23 PM
it's not that the Xboxconsole is lacking good games, it's that people get greedy and want more and more and are never satisfied.
Most people even over look the best games on the system other than Halo.:)

03-01-2002, 03:26 PM
For a console so early in its time, I think it has some great games. Do you know how long it took me to BUY a PS2 game because there was truely ABSOLUTLY NOTHING worth my money for it. At least Microsoft was able to provide me with some GREAT games to start my collection. NO OTHER CONSOLE IN HISTORY HAS SOLD WITH A GAME THE CALIBER THAT HALO RESIDES WITH!! NEVER! Just because mario is a killer app doesn't put it on par with HALO. So I really feel good about all this as an Xbox owner. I see an amazingly bright future for my newly favorite console.

l Maximus l
03-01-2002, 03:29 PM
Actually, there are about 60 games available at the moment for XBox. That's not too bad considering that the XBox hasn't even been out for 4 months yet. It's been out for 3 1/2 months...so, by doing the ratio, that is more than one game every two days that go by. Not too bad of a ratio.

If they keep on track, there is no doubt that there will be 100 games after one year...it will, most-likely, be over that at the rate it's going.

Of course, every system has it's crappy games. I mean, look at the recent launch of Casper on the PoS2!!! :eek:

But, in any regards, the current games that the XBox has were actually being developed before the final specs were finished on the XBox console itself. So, I would expect that the 2nd generation XBox games will use much more of the XBox's power to a much higher degree. Also, for us long time and very recent HDTV owners, I would expect XBox games utilizing 1080i and 720p! Oh man, I can't wait for that!!!

Also, expect more on-line games and System Link compatible games. We've only just brushed the surface of the future for the XBox :)

03-01-2002, 03:43 PM
Originally posted by prominant
heres all you need for 2002 :

1.Blood omen 2 - will keep you occupied until april
2.The elder scrolls 3 : morrowind will keep u occupied until the next three xbox games come out
4.Star wars :KOTOR
5.Project EGO

those games will take us into 2003 alone

where's brute force, and MoH:AA, and a couple other i can't think of right now?

03-01-2002, 04:18 PM
GTA 3 will be the best everyone wants it already. now imagine people who havent played it ever gettting good reviews from friends. then they get it n more n more peeps get it. Its goanna be a great hit.

03-01-2002, 05:16 PM
Has GTA3 been confirmed for Xbox? Will it be different from the PS2 version? All I need is for MotoGP to smoke and I will be happy with my Xbox.

03-02-2002, 12:37 AM
yes GTA has been confirmed for sometime Q3 2002

Crazy Joe
03-02-2002, 12:39 AM
man, i can't wait to see the graphics on 2nd gen. games for XBOX, that will be incredible!

03-02-2002, 06:42 AM
Originally posted by prominant

lol MEDAL of HONOR?? hahaha are u kidding me?? lol try HALO........ im focused on the SOLID titles.
Fine, do it your way, but your gonna miss out on some fantastic games with that attitude. Medal of Honour is a great game and I will be buying it on release.

If you think like that then I take it you only have one game - Halo. I mean, what's the point in owning anything else when they can never match Halo's greatness?

03-02-2002, 07:23 AM
great post! i agree! if therer are really 100 games comingout by the end of the year, then that is a great job on microsofts and the devs jobs!

03-02-2002, 11:02 AM
i didn't think the computer version was any good
brute force and duke4ever will satisfy my fps needs

03-02-2002, 12:34 PM
I have been saying for a long time now that we haven't seen even the smallest amount of what the Xbox can do yet...Remember folks these are still all first generation games that we are seeing. Maximus has a point in his post about the the games we are seeing now where being made before the Xbox even came out. Give the developers time to get used to the system more and I am for sure we will see some really incredible things going on with this system. Remember the Ps2 has been out for awhile now and so they are almost into the 3rd generation of games (if they haven't already gotten there) and you can see the difference in the graphics and the gameplay from the 1st generation games of the Xbox to the 2nd generation of Ps2 games. Now when Sony releases the Ps3 then I think we will see some competition with our favorite console. Then will be the real wars. But until that time I will enjoy games that are being brought out and have no worries about what the future will bring. Also, just to point out something else...I think we as gamers put too much into what extras a game has over what the gameplay and the fun factor of a game should be. It's like with games like Wreckless, WWF Raw and Inside Drive. Have you noticed that when someone puts these games down it's not from the lack of the graphics or the gameplay but it's mostly because of the extras that the games might not have? Smackdown had alot of extras built into it, but did it make it a better game because of those? I would have rather seen more time and effort go into the graphics on that game than having Hell in the Cell matches and stuff like that. In my opinion, the games that have come out for the Xbox so far have been everything and more. Have we come so far as too forget how some of the older games that we used to play had so few extras on them..did we not play them and enjoy them? I think we all did. I remember getting Double Dribble on my old Nes system and thinking it was the best basketball game ever. I played the heck out of that game and I still like it to this day. It had no extra features whatsoever, but the gameplay was fun and that's really all that mattered back then. Sure having extras can make the game even more fun, but don't knock a game just because it doesn't have a franchise mode on it, or backstage fighting...look at the gameplay and graphics and see if you like it for those things too. Those and having fun with the game should be the most important things when playing video games.