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03-01-2002, 08:16 PM
The time is at hand. Only one week left before the world can experience the best rallicar racing game ever made. I can't wait for this game to be released. Graphics better than GT3? You better believe it. If ya'll think PGR was good, rallisport challenge will keep you hooked you your TV. Don't believe me, just wait and you will see. This game however is not a full simulation, and cannot be truly compared to GT3(we'll leave that to SegaGT2002). Xbox.ign.com gave this game a 9.2 Unfortunately, the review is part of their insiders only premium package. Just a reminder. When you read a review at gamespot.com, keep it in mind that they score the games for the Xbox harder than for the PS2. The games for the PS2 are scored of the capabilities of the PS2, and the games for the Xbox are scored of the capabilities of the Xbox. Since the Xbox is much more advanced than the PS2, the scoring standard has risen. If they didn't do this, almost all the games for the Xbox would have scored a perfect 10, and no game is perfect(though some games come reeeeeeeeally close, Halo).:cool:

03-01-2002, 08:18 PM
I'm not big into the race arena, But this game is a must buy for me.!!! can't wait.

03-01-2002, 08:21 PM
Ya, I can't wait for this game either. I really have gotten into racing games of late and the graphics and gameplay on this game look like they will really rock.

I can see where Gamespot is coming from with the Xbox reviews..but I still think they are rather harse to the games. They haved scored most of the titles pretty low and I think they need to relook at the way they do it. Ps2 which is an inferior system to the Xbox gets high scores on most games though. I haven't really watched on how they score the Gamecube games, but I still think they are rather harse with the Xbox. Just my opinion on this.

03-01-2002, 11:48 PM
Hey I love PGR and I wasn't much of a racing game type of guy before. Quick question, what's so special about a ralli type game? Sorry I don't think I have ever watched a ralli race before so I'm not sure I understand it. I was a former PC gamer. I'm most likely going to pick up this game also. One more week huh? Thanks for the replies.

03-02-2002, 12:00 AM
If they at least used simlulation physics I will be happy. I hate arcade physics, too artificial.

03-02-2002, 02:10 AM
I'll hold off on this one until I find out if it supports widescreen. There are a couple 'rally' type games coming in the next two months and two of which have been rumored to support High Definition as well. A game at 1080i should blow away anything right now so I'll save the dough until I see all three.

Rallisport does look pretty nice though.

03-02-2002, 05:10 AM
Quick question...what other rally racers are due out?
:) Is there a site that lists HDTV support for games?
That was 2 questions....DOH! :cool:

03-02-2002, 01:10 PM
im getting rallisport when it comes out!!!!