View Full Version : Virtua Fighter 4 for the Xbox

03-01-2002, 09:31 PM
:eek: Not so exclusive now is it. Another excellent title for the Xbox.


PS2 fanboys must be ****ed. So far we know that the Xbox will be home to 4 of the best fighting games. DOA3, UFC, Soul Calibur 2(SC2) and now VF4. This isn't luck, this is destiny. Sony though the Xbox would be a walk over, but they were clearly mistaken. They took Malice, so we took VF4. Easy trade, as simple as that. Has anyone heard of the attachment for the Xbox that allows you to use the PS1 and PS2 controller on the Xbox. If that device is for real, that's another reason to pick up and Xbox, for the controller wouldn't be a problem. Talk about having the best of the best. :rolleyes: