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03-02-2002, 07:48 PM
It took me a long time...

I bought a PlayStation 2 when it first came out. My friend had one and he absolutely loved it. It took forever for me to find one, so it built up a lot of excitement for me as I was looking everyday in numerous cities. By the time I finally got my hands on one...I was really hyped. But I did get it, and I really 'liked' it.

So then yeah, people were talking about this new system called an XBOX and I'm like 'oh whatever' Microsoft?! They need to stick to computers. I was happy enough with my PS2. No need in spending another $300 on ANOTHER system...they're probably about the same anyways.

Well last month my friend traded in his PS2 for an XBOX. (How dumb!) He wanted one so he could play Halo with all of his buddies in the dorm where he lives. Oh well...his mistake.

Then one weekend he brought it over. First thought of mine: "Goodness! What am I supposed to do with this big ol' controller?!" But we got into Halo. WOW :D Stunning graphics! Great gameplay! I was suprised. Why couldn't my PS2 do all this? :confused: What was I gonna do...I had an 'alright' system and he had an awesome system. I've put about $1000 into my PS2. I can't just get rid of it. Well I sprung another $400 and bought my own XBOX along with 2 games. When I went to Wal-Mart last Monday their showcase was FULL of XBOXes. I was thinking "it must suck since there are SO many of them still here." But I got it anyways and I LOVE Halo and all of the games I have played so far. Great graphics!! Stunning graphics!! AWESOME graphics!! (Did I mention I loved the graphics?!) I know I'm rambling but I am just so suprised in this thing. I love it!!

I went back to Wal-Mart tonight to check out the games and there weren't ANY XBOXes in that case. I think its catching on.

Okay...fuss at me for talking so much now...but hey...glad to be one of you! ;)