View Full Version : Gameshark and game tweaking

03-03-2002, 09:02 PM
When the H E double hockey sticks is microsoft going to put the hard drive to its fullest potiental. The music ripping was a perfect ideal, only thing is more games need to support it.

anyway to the point.....

I think the xbox gameshark should be something you could install to the hard drive, yea. Me and my boys was talking and they said that it wouldn't happen, they thought it would be better to just put a game shark cd in before you put in the actual game. Man WTH, dudes the hard drive sounds more logic to me. Listen every code you would want for your game could be auto configured on your hardrive; plus it would be better if it would tweak into the game while your playing it and let you make some changes, eh. Just like a trainer for the PC. (i don't cheat that much hehe) one last thing if all games won't let you play your saved soundtracks then make a program to put on the hard drive that lets you play the music anyway. Man ideals ideals ideals.....


03-03-2002, 09:08 PM
This may not be what your looking for, but how much fun is playing a game with everything unlocked?? Isn't that the fun your supposed to experince with a game??

I have never liked the gamesharks and cheats for that matter.

To each his own...as for putting the Hard Drive to good use, how cool would it be to continue using any charecter, player or team you have created in the new version of that game just by saving your setup. Now thats worth exploring!!!!!