View Full Version : Who else will miss the old WM2000/No Mercy engine?

03-04-2002, 02:09 AM
I cannot help but miss this awsome engine that for some reason has been completely been scrapped. I even read WM for Gamecube uses a completely new engine whitch to me means, you ****ed up THQ. That engine made everything simple and fun, RAW's was the complete opposite.

The CAW on N64 was simple, and you could create awsome wrestlers not in WM 2000, a twin of a guy in WM2000, or anyone you wanted. RAW's is complicated, you cannot create awsome wrestlers not in RAW, or the wrestlers in RAW. A few you can, but most are impossible, and unlike in the old games, you cannot edit some loser, and erase him, and make a true superstar replace the loser. I am stuck with guys like Haku and K kwik for life. In WM2000, they would have been edited over for someone else for sure. Why in the hell am I stuck with this allready outdated and impossible to fix roster?

Winning a match used to be simple. He who does the most damage wins, and it was harder to win with a woman than a man. Hell one of my friends who never played the game used to pick up the stick and give me a war, now I have to explain everything to them, until they ask me to put in WM2000, because they really do not give a rats ass about this complicated engine THQ invented to replace the good one. I can beat them with a girl now, where before I would lose for sure because the old engine made a 7 foot man stronger thana 4 foot woman no matter how good I was.

Options were sweet in WM2000, where in the hell did they go? No Royal Rumble, no blood, and no cage? I do not even know if they could make a Royal Rumble with this off the wall new engine, and they probably never put it in because they couldn't really.

So what did I really get with RAW's new engine? Better graphics should be a given. I got less options, less arena's, a weaker CAW, and more difficult gamplay. If you like or hate Raw is now even the question, my question is would you prefer..............

A. WM/2000's old engine, with better graphics, more options, and a better CAW or.....


03-04-2002, 04:33 PM
All i needed was the ability to copy over old wrestlers like haku or even k kwick, i guess the cartrages are better places for wrestling games. If only... dAm n those THQ morons, they better learn from all of their mistakes, and fast!!

I must say well said DAVE, i appriciate your feelings for us THQ and AKI old school wrestling game fans, but the days of fun seem to be over. If I didn't sell my WM 2000 to pay for not even half of my RAW, and if my No Mercy would stop reseting itself, i would still be having fun, but unfortuneatly i cannot. Well said Dave and thanx for the memories!!!! :(

03-06-2002, 11:10 PM
RAW takes getting used to.

But i miss the No Mercy engine

The No Mercy is slightly different from wm2k's engine.

I'm finally going to get a gameshark soon so i can use those cool macthes

04-02-2002, 01:40 AM
The No Mercy engine is still the best wrestling game engine out there...i think that THQ should bring it back, and vamp up the graphics to fit the Next-Gen consoles!

Untill next time...:mad:

04-12-2002, 03:06 AM
Editing over crappy wrestlers isnt that big of a deal, you can always just not use them, but otherwise i totally agree.