View Full Version : Getting stickers made to use as a spray mask

11-23-2007, 11:54 AM
This has to be short because I have more shopping I have to do, but...

Flaw1e55 asked about making stickers. The shop where I have my stickers cut can cut them frfom almost any black and white jpeg file. I don't have Photoshop or anything so mine aren't as polished as some of you guys could do. I just take a colored pic and use bucket fill and contrast to convert it as much to black and white as I can, then convert it to grayscale to remove all the color. You can probabably convert it to black and white but when I do that with my program, it maked everything all spotty like a newspaper print.

Here are three jpgs that I used for cutting stencils. You can see that the edges aren't completely sharp. The aliasing keeps it from having jaggies cut into the image. The cutting program "averages" the aliasing to cut a straight line.


This was an image I created for a Narn paintjob on a Babylon 5 plate. I did it by hand, then mirrored it to get both sides to match.

This is the stencil that I used for the Super Mario World ground. You can see a rough "P" and "B" on the left. The "P" is a mask you lay down and spray with pink. The "B" gets sprayed with black. YOu cut this sticker in two horizontally and paint it as two separate paint ops.

Anyway, more later but Black Friday calls.