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03-05-2002, 06:48 PM
wow..... all i can say is..... wow.
I have played this game many times on the DC. It still amazes me, even now.
You continue your quest as Ryo Hazuki, looking to avange the death of your father.
For those of you who missed Shenmue 1, you really should read a review on it from IGN or something
Anyway, in Shenmue 2 the game starts off in Hong Kong, just as Ryo Hazuki's ship pulls into the docks.
Right when you start, there is already some action going on
You are not idle even a second in this game. There is always something going on.
The city (Hong Kong) is HUGE!!!!!! (in Shenmue 2). In Hong Kong, it is broken up into many Quarters (QT)
WHen Ryo starts out, he is in Aberdeen. Then he crosses over to Wan Chai, where there are many QT, like the Green Market QT, South Carmain QT, etc
There are so many different people in this game. You can always ask them something. If you are looking for info on something specific, you can actually choose what to ask them.
You can also ask the following
-Where is a near by place to gamble?
-Where is a near by Pawn Shop?
-Where is a place for a part time job?

Thats right, you can gamble, and chose from part time jobs!
Now, i dont want to spoil anything for you, but you *might* be pressed for money and need to make a lot
Oh, did i metion the Street Fighting and Arm Wrestling? :p
AFter you advance in the game, you go to Kowloon, a near by city of Hong Kong, to continue your quest.
This is where all the street fighting is. Hong Kong was a lot of gambling.
Kowloon also has a lot of gambling, but it is much smaller than Hong Kong, so there for there arent as many places
But in Kowloon there are dozens of places to street fight :cool:
In Shenmue 2, you meet many many new characters that Ryo becomes friends with, especailly the ever famous REN.

The graphics were wonderful in this game. (on DC) so image them on XBOX!!!! ****, man!
Gameplay was exdrodinary.
In DC version there were japanize voices with subtitles, but it was still nice cuz you felt more realistic with japanize voices
in xbox the voices are dubbed in english, so dont worry
and everything else in this game was perfect!
this by far is my favorite game ever
my rating,
a 10 ++++++ (out of 10 ;) )
if you have a question, just post!

(NOTE: this is all from the DC version. So image all of this on XBOX!!!!!!! also, there are rumors that there might be extras on the xbox version that werent in the DC version, so enjoy!:)