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03-06-2002, 09:17 AM
Microsoft, whose Xbox game machine debuted in Japan 10 days ago, said Monday that several Xbox users had reported that the console was scratching game discs, but there was no need to recall the hardware or software.
The software giant said the DVD discs spinning in the console most likely were improperly placed on loading trays or by the sliding tray itself and caused the small scratches.

"In the case that there is actual damage that makes it impossible to play games, we will of course replace them," said Midori Takahashi, a Microsoft Xbox spokeswoman. "But so far we have not found this to be the case."

Microsoft is betting billions of dollars that the Xbox will be able carve out a significant chunk of the video game market.

Japan's gaming public is notoriously fickle, and Microsoft has made special efforts to cater to the market here with a specially designed, smaller controller and a limited edition of 50,000 translucent Xbox consoles available only in Japan.

Takahashi said Microsoft had received 243 calls about the scratched discs by Sunday evening and that gamers in the United States had also reported similar problems.

Although Microsoft has not published official figures, numerous sources said it was able to ship about 125,000 Xbox consoles in the first three days since the Xbox went on sale on Feb. 22.

Bill Gates, Microsoft's chairman, said during a visit to Tokyo that 250,000 consoles had been prepared for the crucial Japan launch.

Microsoft needs to score a success with gamers in Japan to convince the country's game publishers to create titles for the Xbox. This is critical to the machine's long-term success because software sales generate lucrative royalties.

Electronics contract manufacturer Flextronics International is the maker of Xbox consoles for North America and Europe at factories in Hungary and Mexico.

Microsoft Japan's managing director, Hirohisa Ohura, said last month that Xbox consoles for Japan would initially be shipped from Mexico, but that Microsoft was seeking a production base in Asia.

Contract manufacturer Solectron said this month that it had won a contract to repair Xbox machines in Asia


03-06-2002, 11:35 AM
This may sound Racist or ignorant or stupid but I say F' Them.

If they are going to start to complain and if they are not smart enough to place discs correctly in the Xbox, then take it away from them.

They don't deserve it.

I am sick of hearing that the Xbox fate lies in Asia.

BS, If anything it will be the downfall, The asian market is wide open when it comes to rippoffs and piracy. In no time at all there will be clones and Pirated games all over the place.

Excuse my ignorancy, I am having a bad day.

l Maximus l
03-06-2002, 11:56 AM
On another thread, I heard that the Japanese are actually placing the XBox on it's side like a PoS2!! lol....That could be their problem right there!


03-06-2002, 02:13 PM
ahahah lol why would u put it on the side!!!!!??? aaaaaaaahahhahahaaahahha ahhhhhhhhhhhahaha:D